Best Outdoor Decoration Ideas 2021

By Laura Yerpes, decoration and interior design studio

Valencia, Alicante & Madrid

Terraces and gardens are essential spaces in a home. Connecting with nature and the outdoor space, the breeze, the sun and the sound of the environment are elements of harmony that bring us calm and connect us with the reality of the here and now, in short are the perfect spaces to disconnect.

In our projects of decoration for exteriors (balconies, terraces and gardens) we observe the environment and its possibilities to integrate the composition in the harmony of the landscape. We choose functional elements, resistant materials for exteriors and comfortable furniture adapted to your daily use. We create spaces integrated with materials capable of resisting the inclemencies of the time and adapted to the needs of the client.

If you are a lover of design and decoration you will be surprised by our selection of new trends to decorate gardens and terraces that we propose from LY Estudio.

Furniture for outdoor decoration

We started our selection with this simple composition made with elements of outdoor furniture Tribù

The armchairs are from the range CTR de Tribù. They are composed of tubular profiles of stainless steel with curved powder coating forming a continuous line. The backrests are attached to the structure at two points, so it appears to be floating above the seat, while the open mesh lattice evokes the centuries-old tradition of braiding and provides, in turn, flexible support. The seat is upholstered with a water repellent cushion that can be easily removed.

The auxiliary tables Ile combine functionality with a simple and pleasant design. The legs, with fine lines, are made of high quality teak wood from plantations in eastern Java, while the aluminium board is finished with an extremely durable textured paint. The possibility of combining several heights and diameters and the three natural colors available make these tables a perfect complement for any outdoor space.

The shindi outdoor carpet is made in a 3D fabric with a very sumptuous finish. Made of 100% PVC-coated polyester dyed in mass, it is extremely resistant to sun, rain and mold. Thanks to the natural shades in which they are available (Linen, Hemp and Wengé), these carpets create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and are the ideal touch for your patio or terrace.

The floor lamps are from Monsieur Tricot, a collection of hand-woven outdoor items that will turn your terrace or garden into a magical place. This set of pendant and floor lamps, created by the Belgian designer Ilia Eckardt, combine traditional techniques with high-performance materials and the latest technology.

The sofa Vis à vis is an exterior piece that constitutes an ode to the purest design. A slender teak base, which seems to float, supports comfortable outdoor cushions, in which the backrest and arms structure is invisible. The cushions are secured by stainless steel clamps that make the sofa look great wherever you look. The cushions deserve special attention: specially designed for outdoors, they can be left out even when it rains, thanks to the breathable water-repellent padding; the padding seams have an extra coating on the inside, and the thread used for the seams expands when wet, thus preventing the penetration of water. As for the range of colours, you can choose from over 100 outdoor fabrics, all in shades inspired by nature.

The coffee table Vis à vis, An ode to the purest design, it seems to be floating in the air. It is made with the same teak slats as the outline of the sofa, and can be integrated into a modular system, although as a separate table it also attracts all eyes. For its teak furniture, Tribù selects only the best quality wood from sustainable plantations in Indonesia.

Floor lamps, armchairs and other items can also be found on the official website of Tribù.

Spaces of rest and harmony

Places of rest, disconnection and solitude to read, meditate or sleep… It is just a proposal that will give a special touch to any forgotten corner of your garden.

To create these spaces we recommend the family hammocks with series support ‘Wood & Dream’ and  Wood and black edition of Tropilexavailable on the website which include a stand in natural wood. They are in all sizes, shapes and colors with different models of supports.

Decorative elements for terrace and garden

Sculptures and design objects, volumetric elements such as letters or numbers, decorative figures, planters or custom fountains, are necessary elements to give elegance to your garden. We can find exclusivity in workshops such as  Arteonunca of Toledo. Offering works of art and custom decoration. Tailor-made because the works fit the needs and wishes of the customers and can be adapted in size, material, finish and design. Unique and exclusive pieces certified by the artist.

Decorate the exterior of the house with large animal figures.

We show two proposals from the Arteonunca workshop. A figure bear cast in bronze that will stand outside for generations and a stag. Combination of materials and abstract forms, to stop nature for a moment. These animal figures are unique and belong to a limited series.

Ornamental fountains for your garden

From the Arteonunca workshop we also extract these geometric fountains of modern design for your private garden or public space.

the prime geometrical source is composed of Corten steel and features an impressive lighting design, which works with the idea of city and architecture. With exceptional finishes and nuances. It is possible to program the lighting with various scenes and sensors in an automated way, without the customer having to configure absolutely nothing. The second proposal Bañuela is a minimalist design fountain created in R1 stone and corten steel. We can create it in stone of any color, corten steel, stainless steel or any other material.

Outdoor decoration, terraces and gardens

Outdoor decoration, terraces and gardens

Costa blanca and water

Water the first element of nature and the essence of life, blue transmits serenity and peace, while the sound of water takes us away from mundane noise and connects us to the universe.

In this project of architecture and interior design by LY. Estudio, realized in Costa Blanca we can see a magnificent settled villa following the slope of the mountain, the views of this villa invited to integrate the spaces with the landscape and we achieved it thanks to the use of natural materials and forms that generated a feeling of freedom even inside the house.

With a creative interior design, we managed to open the rooms to the outside and take advantage of the light offered by the long days of the Mediterranean coast. Inside, the design of large spaces is intertwined with the continuity between rooms and large windows that make the landscape part of the decoration of the house. Natural materials such as stone and wood give the environment the right touch of warmth that a home needs so that its owners are willing to get home. Its stunning windows show views that merge with the sea.

Moraira and the light

When we speak of light, we do it in all its vastness. Sunny days should bathe our home with joy, whenever we seek that light. At night, the lighting will accompany us in the most important areas of our garden, giving life and quality to the inhabited spaces.

We show you the lighting achieved in this other project of architecture, decoration and interior design by LY. Estudio made in a Villa Mediterranea de Moraira.

Facing the sea, in the area of Cap Blanc de Moraira, rises a luxury villa with a magnificent interior design that we have designed to detail. Materials such as polished white marble -used in the pavement- fill the whole house with reflections and light that has large spaces decorated with a Mediterranean style that gives the set a welcoming character. The interior design of this spectacular villa is sober and fresh. It consists of a symphony full of chromatic notes, native and natural materials, polished stones, cotton and silks combined with the bright colors of the Mediterranean.

Different spaces to enjoy a monumental residence in which you can enjoy and rest in every corner thanks to the strategically placed details and the combination of styles. All this creates an atmosphere with a personal stamp that gives life to this luxury villa that has the necessary warmth point.

Cottage and materials of nature

Casa de campo y materiales de la naturaleza

Throughout the Mediterranean basin, wicker has been used since time immemorial to make numerous household and agricultural objects, such as bread pans, mats, baskets, baskets and wicker baskets of all kinds. Over time, its use has evolved and adapted to the new times, leading to the manufacture and production of numerous furniture, such as chairs, tables and wicker armchairs, and various decorative elements for interior and exterior decoration.


From the beginning, stone has been a fundamental element for the development of our past civilizations. Today, it has become one of the most exclusive elements of modern architecture. Natural stone is a very durable and durable product, so it becomes a very valuable building material over time.

In the latter project LY. Estudio we show you the exterior of a country house with pool, family paradise with an accentuated American style structure framed on a large plot with a magnificent outdoor garden. Geometric lines and light colors outline a calm residential environment that shines every day of the year. Contemporary and quiet decoration in every corner where wood, handmade ceramics, natural papers and floral decoration are combined to compose a country and rural symphony that allows you to enjoy the most absolute relaxation.

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