The Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio opened its doors in 2005 in one of the most iconic buildings in the city of Valencia: the Finca Roja. There -after a complete and comprehensive rehabilitation that transformed an old house with a fireplace into a studio dedicated to interior design- a unique space was created to welcome its exclusive clients who seek personalized and direct attention.

The LY Interior Design Studio begins to work thanks to the enthusiasm of Laura Yerpes who undertook its beginnings by collaborating with such important firms as Porcelanosa.

Since then, and in a very short time, the LY Interior Design Studio expanded throughout the rest of the coast and began to design complete projects, one of its first and most important works being a spectacular Mediterranean villa that directed the professional career of the interior designer to the time to carry out global projects from the very foundations.

With projects of this quality, it manages to carve out a niche for itself alongside the rest of the most accredited interior design studios with a long history in the Valencian Community.


The LY Interior Design Studio grew rapidly and weaved a network of collaborators who specialized in carrying out high-quality projects such as luxury villas, apartments, penthouses, family homes, offices, hotels, clinics or commercial premises, among others.

Today, the Decoration Studio has a new headquarters installed in Madrid from which to develop new Decoration and Interior Design Projects with its unmistakable stamp: tailored style and design as exclusive as its clients.

Those who come to the LY Interior Design Studio find the intimacy and exclusive advice of a good design -made to measure- according to their wishes and needs. Estudio LY designs homes combining tradition and innovation, adapting to current trends and creating timeless environments in each space.

With all this time dedicated body and soul to Interior Design, it is clear what the work philosophy is: to project high quality homes with great design made to be lived with the same passion with which they have been created.



Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio, official Creative Supporter of Valencia World Design Capital 2022, opened its doors in 2005 always from the premise of designing exclusive and unique spaces.

Laura Yerpes leads this study, with the mission of creating homes tailored to the personality of each client. With a constant, perfectionist and orderly character, the interior designer has a special sensitivity to create decorative projects that capture the style and essence of each person.

Her work combines an architectural vision of project development, an attentive and inspiring look, solid experience and her ability to ensure that the latest trends coexist with more classic and timeless designs. Her projects are defined by a warm, modern and elegant character that is revealed in the finishes, in the selection of pieces and in the combination of materials.

Her experience and her attentive and inspiring look allow her to combine the latest trends with the most classic and timeless designs. All this makes her an all-terrain interior designer who knows how to provide the best solution to each and every one of the needs proposed and raised by her clients. As a Senior Technician in Project Design and Works Management, Laura Yerpes pours her know-how into all her projects: she covers needs effectively, creating very special spaces thanks to the finishes, the selection of design pieces and the combination of materials. Homes that end up being authentic jewels that shine with their own light.

Her warm, modern and elegant interior design of her is inspired by each of the people who trust her. Her style radiates, in the execution of each project, a contained luxury that is shown in every detail.

For Laura Yerpes, the best reward is knowing that a client feels at home, and that each project adapts to her lifestyle.

The projects of the Laura Yerpes interior design studio extend along the Mediterranean coast and to other parts of the Spanish geography such as Madrid. From apartments, to single-family homes, luxury villas, offices, hotels, clinics and commercial premises, they all bear the unmistakable stamp of Laura Yerpes that combines tradition and modernity in her interior design. She has recently been selected as one of the best interior designers in the Valencian Community by the Houzz platform.