Sustainable development.

Committed to the environment.

Ecofriendly Style

In the Interior Design Studio Laura Yerpes we are aware of the important work of environmental awareness that we have when carrying out decoration and interior design projects for our clients.

For LY the goal is clear: not only do we design a space that has a perfect interior design, but we try to combine an exclusive and unique design with the use of materials that are respectful and friendly to nature.  In this way, our work is inspired by an eco-friendly* style that seeks excellence through high quality and durability materials that respect our environment and minimize the negative impact on nature. In this way, through our projects of interior design and decoration we contribute our small grain of sand in the conservation of our planet and we contribute a value that differentiates us in each of our projects.

Being at the forefront of architecture and interior design means becoming aware of our work and its impact on the environment around us.  The professionals who work in this sector -interior designers, architects, decorators, etc.- know that sustainability and design are not antagonistic concepts. For this reason, From the LY studio we have this commitment and we keep it very present day by day in the development of each of our decoration projects.

Because a better world starts from our home. From the studio we design optimized spaces that try to reduce their ecological footprint. Thanks to a more bioclimatic architecture and a more sustainable interior design we manage to make homes, commercial premises and offices that are more friendly to our planet.

*New styles: Ecofriendly (environmentally friendly)


In our interior design and decoration studio we are specialized in
projects for housing, offices and commercial premises.