Mendel University College

First phase of an important comprehensive reform and adaptation of common spaces of a university hall of residence. Minimalist style with oriental touches that integrates perfectly with an environment of study and concentration. Stylized and balanced spaces made of wood materials, smoked glass panels and panels lined with decorative paper in stone tones. Walls decorated with a system of planked wood, high-quality upholstery combined with cold and warm tones and studied lighting.

Colegio Mayor Mendel, zona recepción secretaría, interiorismo y arquitectura centro.
Colegio Mayor Mendel recepción y arquitectura del centro.
Sala de espera
Colegio mayor
Interiorismo Zonas salas de espera para despachos, butacas.
Interiorismo colegio Mayor, zonas de acceso y arquitectura
Interiorismo y arquitectura para Colegio Mayor Mendel, zonas de transito y descanso.
Decoración oficina Valencia, para colegio Mayor Mendel.
Iluminación decoración Valencia arquitectura para Colegio Mayor
Interiorismo vivienda Valencia, zona de paso pasillos en Colegio Mayor Mendel