It’s been 30 years since Ralph Lauren crossed the catwalks and conquered our homes with his decorative proposal for the home: an elegant and timeless style that knows how to adapt to any space.

Ralph Lauren designs for your home

Although his style can be classified as classic and without fanfare, Ralph Lauren is an innovative designer. And it is in its own right, since more than 30 years ago it was able to adapt its unmistakable style and present a line of home décor products: from textiles and bed linen to tableware, wallpaper or furniture. Using high-quality materials such as leather, porcelain and hardwoods, Ralph Lauren designed products for the decoration of our homes that recreate its characteristic balanced universe.


Ralph Lauren, a pioneer in home décor

Ralph Lauren was the first fashion designer to present an entire collection dedicated to interior design and home décor. In addition, he opted not only for the high quality of the materials used but also for learning from the best craftsmen from all over the world.

A clear example can be seen in the case of the fabrics she designs for home decoration: Scottish wool, Belgian linens or even Italian jacquard… Ralph Lauren offers us, season after season, varied and very attractive lines that have a place in elegant, sober and balanced decorative projects.

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Decoration and Ralph Lauren: a well-matched couple

At Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio we love to use her fabrics and wallpapers for walls: natural fabrics, with navy blue and white sailor stripes… There is a wide variety of fabrics that can be successfully used in any interior design project.

We are preparing different works in our interior design studios in Madrid and Valencia and the upcoming arrival of spring encourages us to use light colors for the design of calmer environments on porches and terraces.

Creating a country style, with bright and cheerful colors – like the one we design at Villa Alfarrasí – using high-quality fabrics such as those designed by Ralph Lauren is much easier.

Ralph Lauren Home: synonymous with quality and style

For our clients we look for the best and that is something that this American firm always guarantees. Their fabrics – both for the catwalk and for the home – are of high quality and that shows when it comes to working. The same thing happens to an interior designer as it does to a tailor: being able to use a good quality fabric with an elegant design helps to design rooms – or garments – with a unique and unmistakable style.

Without a doubt, Ralph Lauren Home is a safe bet, of high quality, and an excellent way to offer a renewed atmosphere to each interior design project.

Ralph Lauren looks to New England coastal towns, Native American aesthetics, or the exquisite glamour of Hollywood of yesteryear. Its home line fuses and mixes different sources of inspiration with a clear objective: to design elegant pieces with a luxurious – even aristocratic – air that over time have become a distinctive trademark of the firm.

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Images: Ralph Lauren Home