Summer is here and it’s the right time to rethink the decoration of our terraces. If we want to enjoy these fabulous days outdoors, there is nothing better than looking for inspiration, good ideas or the help of a good interior designer to create a magical space in which to enjoy the sun, the outdoors and the good temperatures of one of my favorite seasons of the year.

Terrace Decoration: Mexican Inspiration

The job of an interior designer requires experience, hard work but also research. It is necessary to know the trends and carefully study the work of other colleagues in order to offer each client a style according to their tastes and needs.

In this process of research and research for new decoration and interior design projects I have found a very interesting work that I have fallen in love with for its style and simplicity and that, now, I want to share with you.

Located in one of the most exclusive residential areas of Mexico City is a charming space that, inside, is much more than meets the eye. It is a beautiful project of natural inspiration signed by the Mexican studio Pasquinel Studio: the Aromas Bakery.

It is a project that has been inspired by the bakeries of yesteryear to design a new image that generates bridges between traditional design and the most modern. The new bakery concept presented in this work rescues everyday delights, transforming a space of passage into an intimate and familiar environment in which you want to stay.

Decoration-terrace-02Decoration-terrace-04+ Area dedicated to the exhibition and sale of products

Wood and natural light for the decoration of charming terraces

With the aim of rescuing the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread and the cozy look of the bakeries of yesteryear, the Aromas Bakery has seen how its space has become an ideal place for relaxed and friendly conversation. Simple, clean lines that are supported by the warm colour of natural wood. The balanced combination of white tile with polished basalt, lambrín and polished cement manage to create a space with a very natural style that manages to create a perfect, simple and very effective decorative harmony in every corner.

The space is divided into two floors: the ground floor is dedicated to the commercial premises and has a simple and neat design both in its chromatic materials and in its decorative elements. This ground floor has materials such as lambrín, basalt, white tile and ironwork in chromatic tones that vary between brown, black, ash and white that are very welcoming.

Customers of the Aromas Bakery can take a tour of the premises thanks to the subdivision that has been made of the space into areas.

There is an area dedicated to the display of products with pallets and wooden shelves combined with a lambrín wall where you can see the delicious freshly baked bread as well as a selection of wines, mezcals and handicrafts from the area.

On the left side is a polished basalt bar that functions as a sales area for the bakery, coffees, sandwiches and ice cream. In the kitchen, located at the back, some display cases have been installed so that customers can observe, first-hand, how the process of making bread develops.

If what we are looking for is inspiration for the decoration of terraces, this summer the second level of the Aromas Bakery is a place where you have to take good note to get good ideas. On the upper floor is the large designer terrace that houses a spacious and open restaurant where diners can enjoy a pleasant meal. The style and decoration of this terrace is integrated with the architectural environment thanks to well-selected design elements such as the wooden shutters that divide the space into several unified environments with a friendly, calm and natural style full of natural plants and warm wood.

Decoration-terrace-06+ View of the kitchen and detail of the access to the second level.


Simple keys to decorating a terrace and getting it right

If there is one thing that characterizes the design and decoration of terraces, it is their openness to the open air. It doesn’t matter their geographical location or the height of them. Anyone who wants to decorate their terrace or porch has an unavoidable goal: to make the most of natural light and the exterior of the house.

In the case of the restaurant on the top floor of the Aromas Bakery, this key is fulfilled to the millimetre: a structure of wooden and glass beams has been installed on the ceiling, thanks to which a play of light and shadow is generated to enjoy throughout the summer.

If we add to that the design of custom-made furniture and the incorporation of planters to the furniture, the result of the decoration of this terrace is perfect: it works in a simple way, creating a cozy and unique style that can be adapted to any space.

Also noteworthy is the use of lattices in the example that I bring you on this occasion and that can work very well in the new interior design of your terrace: a very effective way to subdivide areas of the same space and easily change the structure, design and decoration of our own terrace.

Practical examples and simple ideas that work in a cosy space with pure and clean lines that manage to have a warm and welcoming look thanks to the combination of natural elements.

Laura Yerpes | Decoration & Interior Design

Images: Pasquinel Studio