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The decoration of luxury boats is based on three basic axes: luxury, comfort and functionality. With them as a basis, interior design can be designed for luxury boats to make the trip on the high seas a unique experience full of unforgettable details. / SEE INTERIOR DESIGN OF BOATS/

The decoration of luxury boats is based on three basic axes: luxury, comfort and functionality. With them as a basis, interior design can be designed for luxury boats to make the trip on the high seas a unique experience full of unforgettable details.

Interiorismo yates gran tamaño. zonas de descanso pasajeros
Yate de lujo interiorismo zona proa de descanso decoración en el mar.
Yate de lujo y zona de piscina, decoración zona descansos y cojines
zona exterior abierta yate de lujo, decoradora e interiorista zona descanso
Interior design of luxury yachts

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to find new ideas and new projects. Touring the coast of Croatia and its spectacular cities located in front of the Adriatic – I promise you a post with my feelings about it – I was able to observe up close some of the most spectacular luxury yachts I have seen so far.

Enjoying a holiday on the high seas on one of these yachts is a unique experience and more than recommended. Today, technology applied to sailing has produced authentic jewels converted into luxury yachts in which every detail is at the service of comfort and functionality to make the trip on the high seas an unforgettable experience. The interiors of luxury yachts cause sensations that can be experienced in few other places.

Style and comfort in the decoration of luxury yachts

The interior of this type of boat goes far beyond comfort: taking advantage of every millimeter of space to design an unrepeatable experience in front of the sea. That is why, on this occasion, I want us to enter this world that has a lot of craftsmanship since the best option to adapt the space of a yacht of these characteristics with an aesthetic and a Luxurious and exclusive interior design It is based on the creation of tailor-made pieces for each space.

Designing the interior of a luxury yacht involves the same challenges as decorating a home, to which we must add that the space and functionality must be well defined and studied. In a boat, it is necessary to include all the spaces and elements of a house but adapting them to the available space. For this reason, it is essential to make a detailed study of the distribution of spaces and areas to make the most of the size of the interior and not to design a variegated and suffocating interior design.

On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that the interior furniture of a boat must be made of high quality materials that can properly withstand inclement weather on the high seas, as well as the salinity of the environment or the strength of the sun’s rays. For this type of situation, my recommendation is to use teak, rosewood or ebony. All of them are hard, hard-to-wear woods that are very often used in the construction and interior design of luxury boats.

Trends in Luxury Yacht Decoration

New trends in luxury yacht decoration have managed to integrate residential design with the world of sailing. The combination of light and warm tones with details made of teak and oak hardwoods creates cosy spaces that are complemented by pieces in marble and polished stainless steel as well as leather to give a touch of distinction and exclusivity worthy of the best hotel suites.

The decoration of the luxury boats stands out for the incorporation of large windows, balconies and open terraces to make sailing on the high seas a total experience throughout the entire journey. Sometimes it is also an excellent idea to install glass partitions that can be darkened and moved to increase the feeling of privacy or expand the size of the rooms according to the needs of the occupants.

Elegance, restrained luxury and optimisation of spaces: the interior design of luxury yachts makes it possible to create unique and very welcoming spaces that have nothing to envy to homes ‘on land’ that have to settle for dreaming of freedom on the high seas.

Interiorismo para yates de lujo zona habitación principal
Yate de lujo interiorismo en el mar, habitación.
Zona descanso salón interiorismo yate de lujo.
Zona abierta en yate de lujo, zona decorada de descanso.

Types of Luxury Yachts

For the more curious, here is a list of the most well-known types of luxury boats and a short description of each of them:


Large Motor Yachts

These yachts are much larger than other types. They are usually ideal if you are traveling with a large number of people. Ideal for different water sports as it has large spaces for this type of practice.

Mega Yachts

This type of yacht is usually the most luxurious and spacious. Its large size allows large families and groups to enjoy great decoration on the high seas. It usually has a swimming pool, pub, offices, rest rooms, gym.

Motor Performance Yachts

These yachts usually have a much sportier design and an engine that allows for high speeds. Specially designed for short trips to explore the coast and breathtaking natural landscapes (difficult to achieve by a larger yacht).

Within the luxury yacht sector, these are the 3 luxury yacht options that have the most sales on the market.

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