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The eco-friendly trend has arrived in interior design and, this time, it is here to stay: taking care of our planet is a pleasure that starts at home.

Eco-friendly style is all the rage

Although it has become just another interior trend in recent years, the eco-friendly style not only inspires environments but also provides a vision committed to the planet that helps us design spaces that are much more harmonious with the environment.

Although it may seem difficult at first, creating projects that are kind to the environment is much easier if we look at certain interior designs that are perfectly adapted and rooted in nature.

That’s the case with some of the examples I’ve been collecting lately. It’s time to organise your summer holidays and it’s curious to see that some of the most exotic destinations – like all tourist destinations in Asia – boast an eco-friendly style that makes their adaptation to the environment an example of comfortable and ecologically responsible design.

Characteristics of eco-friendly style

The vast majority of these eco-friendly interior designs are characterised by the use of materials typical of the environment: bamboo or ebony woods are the main protagonists of this decorative style. To ensure that these woods add to the care of the environment that surrounds them, it is possible to verify that their origin comes from forests with certified and controlled felling.

Colours and materials with an eco-friendly touch

The use of fine woods combines perfectly with the use of natural colours that integrate these interesting eco-friendly decoration projects with nature. Tan and earthy colours are the essential colour palette so that all spaces adapt to the environment without stridency.

The key to this type of interior design project is the use of light colours to optimise the natural light in the environment as much as possible. If we add to this a good orientation of the space or the use of large windows, we will achieve that our home has an eco-friendly and bioclimatic interior design adapted to the environment and sustainable energy consumption for the environment and for our pocket.

Simple gestures that, well selected and with a well-developed interior design, make a decoration project a declaration of intent for those of us who want to take care of our planet.

Laura Yerpes | Decoration & Interior Design

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