Cristina Figarola detail work

The terracotta sculptures made by Cristina Figarola contain within them a powerful discourse that launches muffled cries against machismo and defends an independent, generous and free woman like the artist.

Cristina Figarola, a natural artist

For some time now, in the studio we have been developing sustainable and nature-friendly interior design projects. For this reason, when looking for new decorative elements for our clients, we discover artisans and artists who work with natural elements with unsurpassed results.

A good example – and one of my latest discoveries – is Cristina Figarola, an artist from Barcelona who masterfully models clay to create organic shapes that start from the circle and the work in front of the wheel.

Cristina Figarola’s Artistic Technique

As Cristina explained to me, her technique starts from a point of view that always revolves around ‘the feminine’: the shapes she creates through this millenary technique, the earth with which her pieces are created, the circle, the utensils used as food containers… All this creates an artistic work that maintains a close relationship with women.

It is a pleasure to observe the work of this artist who makes art a feminine and feminist plea: her vases and jugs contain deaf but very powerful cries of all those women victims of the most aberrant macho traditions.

The free and independent artistic vision of Cristina Figarola

But his speech also fills me with positivity and hope when it comes to carefully observing his pieces, since his jugs are generous and dedicated, but they do not have handles… they serve of their own free will, but nothing obliges them to serve… They are free jars that define an independent and sole woman who owns her decisions and desires.

Cristina Figarola composes sculptural figures called Totems by stacking different ceramic pieces such as bowls, vases or plates. Out of their usual context, these utensils are transformed into abstract forms that are deformed and perforated by an iron tube, creating interesting vertical sculptures.

Her pieces have a geometric, abstract and natural composition that does not need enamels, ornaments or glitter. Terracotta alone is enough for these extraordinary pieces to shine in any interior design project with their own light.

Laura Yerpes – España | Interior Design Studio

Images by Cristina Figarola

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