Museo Arte Abstracto Cuenca room

A short stop in the enigmatic city of Cuenca has led to a discovery: the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art. A great little treasure that is now 50 years old.

The Museum of Spanish Abstract Art

The opening of a new headquarters of our Madrid Interior Design Studio means that we are continuously travelling from one place to another in order to carry out new interior design projects. When time – and work – allow it, it doesn’t hurt to make a stop along the way and discover the little secrets that travel and life offer us. Proof of this I could find in a getaway to the wonderful city of Cuenca.

It houses what was called “the most beautiful small museum in the world” in the 1960s: a museum created fifty years ago and dedicated to Spanish abstract art.

The Story Behind the Museum

This space opened its doors in 1966 thanks to the initiative of Fernando Zóbel. Since then, the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, which is part of the Juan March Foundation, has permanently exhibited a collection of paintings and sculptures by Spanish artists who were members of the abstract generation of the 1950s and 1960s.

All the works that you can see here were some of the most significant abstract trends in art in Spain in the middle of the last century.

A Museum inside the Hanging Houses of Cuenca

If the idea is surprising, its location is no less surprising: the Museum is located in the very Hanging Houses of Cuenca, don’t you think it’s great? I recommend you to visit it as it will surely captivate you as much as it does me: the space has been renovated respecting the original idea of Fernando Zóbel, its creator. Now we can enjoy a unique visit that has returned almost all the original spaces of the museum to the uses they had in its beginnings.

Inside you can take an interesting tour through Spanish abstract art: an exhibition that has been renewed with the incorporation of new pieces by renowned artists such as Tàpies, Chillida or Millares.

Delving into the collection of the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca is an amazing walk through remarkable works of painting, sculpture and architecture that offers us an interesting and balanced look at what the last 50 years of art have been like in our country.

Don’t miss it!!

Laura Yerpes | Interior Design Studio Madrid · Valencia

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