Spring Colors Inspiration

Although the colour of the year 2017 – chosen by Pantone and endorsed by the most prestigious Interior Design and Decoration magazines – is green, today pink is the leitmotif that inspires our post and our attentive look at new ideas for new decoration spaces.

This Spring’s Colors: Pink

Today I want to flood your homes with pink tones: a luminous and floral pink that will refresh the most hidden spaces of your home.

This colour inspires energy, everything is reborn in its path and produces a pleasant sensation that everything begins around it: a new stage like flowers – roses, why not? – that open with the beginning of spring that is just around the corner.

Spring is lurking and all those new sensations it produces are on the surface. That’s why I wanted to select this range of colors for this new season: the shades I’ve chosen for you this season inspire me and are a festival of sensations for the five senses.

Spring begins full of color

In our Interior Design Studio -after lighting some warm candles that scent the atmosphere- we look out the window and get excited as schoolchildren do at the beginning of spring: the passion for a job well done and the enthusiasm for decoration makes any season a good time to start New Decoration Projects And the blooming spring was not going to be less.

Today we open this window to the inspiration that is this decoration blog -and other topics- to some images that help us compose spaces and design homes with their own personality. And for that, there is nothing better than the luminous pink color in all its ranges: from the soft pastel tone, to the sinful carmine pink or the fun bubblegum pink. Today it’s time to look for harmonious combinations to design our favorite corner with all the elements that we can put at our fingertips: we fill fish tanks with spring colors and decorate corners that are unforgettable.

Laura Yerpes – España | Decoration & Interior Design

Pink Lamp Spring ColorsPumps with pink tones spring colorsRestaurant Spring Colors

+Proposal seen at the last Stockholm Furniture Fair | NOTE DESIGN STUDIO | PHOTOS: Matias Nero & Tekla Evelina Severin.

Details of the living room in spring colours

+ Small drops of pink for a bright and modern living room | Design STUDIO LY

Spring Color Shades