Blue Restaurant Decoration

Blue Decoration

Interior designs with a marked Mediterranean style usually make use of blue tones that refresh the rooms so much and remind them of the sea. A navy blue, mauve or turquoise, even the blue of the bright sky of the Alicante coast is an inspiration for me when designing Mediterranean villas and luxury homes for the most exclusive clients.

More and more public spaces, such as cafes and restaurants, take care of the interior design and seek to create an environment that makes their customers feel in a unique space.

I love to closely observe the professional work carried out by other interior designers who, like me, like to savour each of the elements that make up a good interior design.

The different environments that I bring you today are balanced and taken care of in detail. And the choice of blue color is largely to blame for that. Blue is inspiring, there’s no doubt about it: I see it when I enjoy a cocktail in a trendy place with a beautiful blue decoration taken care of down to the last detail. Blue is serene, sober and, at times, daring and innovative. You only have to look at some of the fashion proposals in designs inspired by classic Castilian and Seville clothing with clear references to other Arabic-style decorative arts such as the ones you will see below.

Blue interior design

Our job as interior designers is precisely that: to recreate and design environments inspired by what we see and what surrounds us. Creating spaces to be lived in where everything flows effortlessly and subtly.

If you choose a blue decoration If you think it’s too much, you can always choose to rely on textiles: blue fabrics with their different styles – ethnic, prints, etc. – applied at home such as rugs or colored tablecloths bring a serene luminosity to our home thanks to blue tones that evoke the coast and my beloved Mediterranean Sea.

The corners decorated in blue that we walk through together today are captivating spaces: the Well-conceived design prevails in these special places created from blue tones such as velvet pieces with metallic finishes or papers with natural motifs as well as hand-painted scarves, lace, brocades…

Today blues captivate and inspire me I notice multiple details in blue that have been applied so well in decorations of restaurants and cafeterias and that work great thanks to the atmosphere created with a successful color palette. What is it about the blue that you fall in love with so much?

Laura Yerpes – España | Decoration & Interior Design

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