Hungarian artist Krisztian Tejfel combines painting, photography and illustration to show beautiful and enigmatic female figures.

The work of Krisztian Tejfel

For some time now I have wanted to share with you the things that fill my day to day and that are -for me- a source of inspiration. Beauty is everywhere and, if we talk about art, even more so.

Not long ago, during one of my stays working on an interior design project in Madrid, I discovered the work of Krisztian Tejfel, an artist who has made the female figure the epicenter of his latest productions and who has captivated me deeply.

The Hungarian artist, who works in Budapest, allows his works to move between painting, photography and digital illustration. It is interesting to discover the variety of his female portraits, flooded with melancholy and emotion, as well as certain brushstrokes of surrealism.

Discovering Tejfel’s work is exciting as it manages to coexist between the beautiful and the enigmatic in a natural way that flows on its own.

Krisztian Tejfel’s digital art in feminine

In Krisztian Tejfel’s work, the gazes of each of the protagonists of his works cross the ephemeral barriers of the digital to reach our hearts.

It is also curious to see how the artist puts all his attention into pieces that perfectly combine traditional drawing with digital drawing techniques.

As you can see, her work shows strong women who are characterized by a mysterious appearance and a surreal atmosphere. In turn, the paintings are often accompanied by natural elements or animal figures that evoke an environment that reminds us of adult Alicias far from wonderland.

I hope you can enjoy the beautiful work of this artist and that you can like it as much as it has captivated me.

Laura Yerpes | Decoration & Interior Design

Imagery Krisztian Tejfel

Krisztian Tejfel Anila Painting

Krisztian Tejfel painting 2Krisztian Tejfel painting 4Krisztian Tejfel painting 3