Thailand Buddhist Temple

Thailand is a true paradise on earth, a destination that is always on the agenda of the most adventurous travelers who love to discover exotic landscapes that leave you speechless.

Reasons to discover Thailand

When you read the many listings that you can find in any travel guide to discover Thailand, you wonder: do you really need reasons to travel to this beautiful country?

Looking at the photos, it seems that we won’t need much to be convinced: a colorful and precious architecture like that of its Buddhist temples, a surprising gastronomy at every bite and a nature with the brightest colors… If we haven’t yet fallen into their nets, we don’t need much.

Thailand has been on my agenda of destinations for a long time. Discovering its colours, aroma and flavour is a more than appetizing attraction. If we add to this the fact that Thailand is home to some of the best hotels in the world, you will understand why my compass always marks this beautiful country as a future destination.

Thailand: The Charm of the Simple

Thailand exudes the authentic charm of the simple life, which is why it is known as the country of smiles.

Preparing for a trip to Thailand is inspiring in itself: an adventure on the other side of the world.

I am attracted by the formal and chromatic composition of its Buddhist temples, the infinite palette of colors of its landscapes, its beaches, its sea… we will have to go looking for the sarong and the sunglasses because Thailand awaits us with open arms.

Laura Yerpes | Interior Design & Decoration

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