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The bright light and intense colours that bathe the Croatian coasts are an inspiration for the new interior design projects that we are going to start this September. Touring Croatia is an experience in which you can discover, step by step, authentic cultural and natural jewels bathed in the sapphire blue of the Adriatic Sea.

Discovering Croatia step by step

Travelling is – in addition to being a pleasure – a great way to grow and learn from the interesting world around us. A unique opportunity that interior designers take full advantage of to discover styles and materials.

On this occasion, to travel through Croatia – that great discovery for a few years for the hordes of tourists who flock to its towns and cities – is to enter spectacular natural landscapes, discover a cultural heritage and architectural treasures that say a lot about this land that has changed hands and empires since the beginning of time.

Croatia: A Journey Through Time

Croatia offers an atmosphere that is pure inspiration to any eye hungry for inspiration: a style that is quite close to any of the world’s most famous cultures. Our most Mediterranean interior design projects, those that make natural light just another decorative element but without losing sight of the Artistic touches with antique furniture and well-preserved that always hold a great story to tell.

Walking through the beautiful marble-covered streets of Dubrovnik or the colorful, salt-soaked labyrinth of Rovinj have filled my notebooks with ideas and new sketches for future decoration projects.

Crossover of styles and history

It is very interesting to discover all the influences that Croatian cities draw from: you can discover at every step the varied styles that the passage of time and empires have left on their architecture. From the Venetian palazzi to its Roman columns, the Slavic churches or the Napoleonic forts and Viennese mansions. Everything keeps a balance and a perfect combination that allows us to enter the ancient history little by little.

There is not a single passage in Croatia that does not have its reward: corners full of history and palpable glamour in all the coastal cities where the most dazzling yachts in the entire Adriatic dock.

From my point of view, Croatia is, in its own right, a real gem full of artistic notes, well-preserved historical pieces and a lustful glamour that invites you to enjoy life in large sips.

Laura Yerpes | Interior Design & Decoration

Photos: Pinterest & LLG

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