Decoration of rural houses

Decoration of rural houses

Havens of tranquility where each piece adds up to create environments full of magic. This is what the interior designs of rural houses are like: havens of peace that adapt to the environment and the architecture of houses with a lot of history behind them and a lot of life to give.

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Spain and rural tourism is a key element that is increasingly in demand. Discovering small rural areas of our country and staying in a unique and charming space is, today, one of the greatest pleasures that exists.

“A good decoration and interior design project that highlights the style of your rural house is its best letter of introduction.”

In the Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio we are convinced that the good The main asset that makes customers choose to stay in a specific establishment: selecting a place whose interior makes us feel better than at home is one of the main objectives that users want when staying in a Charming country house.

That’s why our Decoration and Interior Design Studio He knows that there is nothing better than an excellent image to make a difference in the face of the wide range of Rural Offers: one Decoration with attention to detail and a design adapted to the environment and architecture are elements that They need good professionals to get the best out of it.

Because it’s not just about creating a rustic style for your rural hotel establishment. It’s much more than that. Our team of designers and interior designers will make a detailed study of the architecture of your establishment and the natural environment in which it is located to design the best rural house decoration for you.

Decoration of rustic and charming houses.

Guests of rural establishments are looking to stay in places with charm and authenticity: there is nothing more intoxicating than being part of the history of a place that has stood the test of time and has been able to adapt with its own style.

Inglés Only the good ones Interior designers -as the team of professionals of the Laura Yerpes Decoration Studio– they know what are the keys necessary to guarantee you a Rural house design successful: we use noble and natural materials from the environment, We highlight the peculiarities of the architecture of the area and harmoniously integrate your Cottage to their natural environment.


Let us help you make the decoration of your rural house stand out from the rest of the rural accommodations. Be different and make it unique. We will make the most of old floors, wooden beams and iron stairs because we are professionals accustomed to the renovation of charming homes and spaces.

It’s just as important to create a good design as it is to Select the best and more suitable Materials for your house in the countryside: If there’s one thing that’s special about these types of spaces, it’s that they’re always comfortable and natural. One Interior design project Developed for a Cottage It must have materials that help create warm and welcoming spaces. Wood, stones, clay, natural fabrics… Everything adds up for a rural house in which the objective is to invite our guests to enjoy a unique experience in a peaceful environment.

We will respond to all your needs, making your project stand out, whether what you need is a comprehensive renovation or a new and different project for a new concept, design and decoration of a rural house. The Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio is the answer to all your questions. We are ready to take on the challenge you set us.


When do we start?

LY Studio, how will we design the new decoration of your rural house?

1. Tell us what you need.

Competition in the tourism sector is tough and that’s why it’s You need to know how to differentiate yourself. We are aware that your Holiday cottage needs Showcase their best image to ensure success in your business. That’s why we’ll design a Custom-made and adapted decoration to your rural accommodation by enhancing its architectural particularities and making it Stand out from your direct competition.

Meet with us and tell us about your business idea as well as the characteristics of your rural house and we will create a decorative project that meets your needs with style, success and without unnecessary cost overruns.

Decoración casa rural exterior Madrid zona jardín y piscina.

2. In-depth study: Authenticity and adaptation to the environment.

At Estudio de Interior Diseño LY we have experience in the successful development of decoration and interior design projects. We know that it is essential to study the characteristics of the traditional and unique architecture of your rural house, as well as to adapt your decoration project by inspiring it in the natural environment in which it is located.

3. Budget.

After meeting with you, we’ll give you a complete budget without compromise and a design that optimizes the Decoration of your rural house. After a Detailed study of the Characteristics of your We will include all the necessary details so that you can know in detail the Project Budget Breakdown Decoration of your rural house.

We have ideal solutions that fit your needs, your tastes and, of course, your budget. Meet us and get to know us.

Decoración baño Alicante casa rual

4. Focused proposal and phase schedule.

Your time is very valuable to us and that is why we are always rigorous and demanding with our work: in this way we can offer you a Quality and professional service that design for your rural house a new image according to your tastes and Tailored to your space and your budget.

We will create a calendar for you with the different phases of the project. In this way, you will be able to control the entire process and be up to date with its development.

5. Development, execution and follow-up.

Nothing gives more peace of mind than having good professionals who closely follow the execution of a project as important as this one. Participating in the construction of a rural house, its rehabilitation or designing its interior decoration is a challenge that we solve with the solvency and quality that characterizes each and every one of our jobs.

We guarantee you a final satisfaction for which we work methodically in all our projects. Our team of professionals has proven to be one of the most highly rated Interior Design Studios by its clients. Proud of it, we know that this is nothing more than the result of a job well done.

Decoración habitación Alicante, casa rural acabados madera y adornos con cojines
Decoración casa rural Alicante exteriores zona jardín y piscina

6. Completion of the project.

Meticulous control of the development of the entire project will ensure its successful and smooth completion. Getting a quality interior decoration for your rural house is within your reach. Meet us and you will discover a serious and rigorous way of working.

Give us a call, we won’t let you down.


Never getting the rural home of your dreams has been so close.


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