Earth colors for decoration and interior design / Earth Colors

The tone of the earth is a color scheme with multiple meanings. In its strictest sense, it refers to “any color that contains some brown in the mixture” although the range of combinations includes a large palette of “natural colors” low saturation in a chromatic walk that ranges from ochre and yellow to red and all kinds of shades close to gray. These additive mixtures would take us to reddish tones, sand, rose, peach, yellow, orange and autumn brown, as we can see in the following compositions.

Textures earth color

In L.Y, interior design studio in Valencia, We use beige earth tones and creams to bring luminosity and spaciousness to the rooms. In their softer versions they are the perfect base for walls, floors and textiles: the textures of this colour palette generate a warm and serene feeling, provide optical amplitude to spaces and enhance decoration.  When we use this range of colors for walls, curtains and upholstery we manage to design a home impregnated with a style and a much quieter and natural environment.

Decoration and interior design in earth tones

The wood furniture upholstered in low saturation earth tones, ochre or powdered are perfect to create environments in total harmony with nature, quiet and cozy spaces that manage to bring an aura of peace, harmony and serenity in every corner of a home. The choice of furniture and the arrangement of the pieces will do the rest.

The choice of a colour palette inspired by the colours of the earth helps to make a good design also comfortable and welcoming. A rustic style furniture with golden sconces, a combination of noble woods, the use of natural plants as a decorative element more, lamps made of wood and metal or large carpets of raw colors… all of them are fundamental pieces to generate spaces of maximum comfort with a clear natural style, perfect for decorating large spaces such as villas mediterráneas and áticos of stately buildings.

Earth tones, infinite possibilities.

The earth tones embrace infinite colors and intensities within them. Playing with the contrast between the reddish, rosy and orange shades and the variables of lighter tones such as beige and raw we can create environments of different styles. The serenity of the range allows us to apply a tone on tone without saturating the rooms as these shades blend harmonically and the results are harmonic and balanced, highly recommended for any style of home.

Earth colors of LY. Study

Earth colors of LY. Study is an introspective journey of less than two minutes in which you will feel how the colors, textures and shapes of the environment influence our mood and our emotions. This audiovisual piece is a brief sample of the beauty and serenity that we manage to provide by applying this chromatic range in the environments that are designed on its basis. The intensity and harmony of the colors of the earth and the natural elements inspire us.

Enjoy this moment of relaxation and beauty thanks to the good design inspired by the colors of the earth.

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