Top 5 design and decoration in Madrid

Interiorismo colegio Mendel zona pasillo descansos.

Creating an idyllic atmosphere in our spaces does not only depend on the image we come to perceive of that place, it is also key to have a convincing project either a home, a villa, an attic, a business or any space. You can make the most of all areas with good interior design and decoration.

Laura Yerpes is one of the major studios from this country, with a great variety of projects all over Spain, each with a personality. For this reason, we will know the best designs and decorations of different types of projects that have been made in Madrid.

Attic of luxury

The highest area of a building, which better space to take advantage of the natural light that enters through large windows and the opening of an outdoor terrace that opens a door to a central neighborhood of the city of Madrid.

A radical change with an eclectic style combined with a classic furniture treated to detail. The set manages to recreate a spacious and balanced atmosphere due to the fusion that shows the lights, lines and material that has been used.

The work of interior design and decoration is a reflection of the personality of the people who enjoy the space and everything around them has a reason.

Top viviendas decoradas en Madrid. Zona acceso a terraza.

Housing Centro Ciudad

Another of the most demanded jobs are the integral rehabilitation of a house.  This means that the client asks for a radical change of his house leaving in your hands the creation of a new design that is differentiating and daring.

In this case, the bet has been on a traditional interior design and decoration with a very personal style and art, but in turn not lose the comfort and comfort of a home. For this specific project, exclusive designs have been sought for a house that looks for works of art in each of the corners of the house without losing harmony and balance.

The combination that has been used in a house in the heart of Madrid are warm and cold tones such as blue and pink, creating a closer atmosphere and oak as one of the main materials that have been used.

Decoración comedor Madrid tonos beige zona televisión sofás.

Luxury villa in Moraira

A luxury villa with interior design designed to take advantage of every space of the house. The importance in the use of white marble for light and reflections throughout the Villa gives a feeling of wider space with a Mediterranean style.

To make this style more faithful it is key to use typical materials of these areas such as polished stones, cotton and silks that offer a brighter color, the nature in this type of housing is another of the fundamental pieces in the design and decoration of interiors.

In the decoration of a luxury villa like Moraira it is essential to place and combine styles strategically without forgetting the personal seal that gives that warmth that offers a home.

Diseño villa Madrid exterior jardines, piscina y vivienda iluminada por la noche.

A good studio not only focuses on homes, whether penthouses, flats or villas, they must also understand the personality of a company that seeks to combine the brand with the space in which they are located, give shape and express through the design to the image of the business.

Some of the top projects in the city of Madrid include the following:

Mayor Colegio Universitario

In this case, the University College sought a comprehensive reform and adapt the common spaces of a center in which young people have to feel like their own home. The minimalist style is fundamental in a project where the purpose is to transmit tranquility and concentration, the oriental touch also helps in these spaces where the aim is to study.

The materials that have been used for this type of renovation are smoked glass panels and stone-lined panels. In addition, a system of enlisted woods and a high quality upholstery that alternates between cold and warm tones. Other details that were taken into account when working on this building were lighting.

Diseño interiorismo Madrid sala de espera.

Dental Clinic

For the rehabilitation of a clinic the shapes are geometric lines created from elegant materials to give a feeling of calm and a pleasant atmosphere. In this way it is sought to welcome the patient in a warm place so that he feels safe in the clinic.

The colors that have been chosen for the creation of an elegant and subtle space have been white and gold that stand out much more thanks to the lighting and carpeting that serves as a guide for customers who move inside.

To this we add a design that combines panels in wood tones that give personality and character. But with the idea of creating a relaxed atmosphere and allowing the mind to escape to a place of peace thanks to a modern rehabilitation that will last in time.

Top diseños y decoración en Madrid, recepción y sala espera negocio.

These are some of the best interior design and decoration you can find in a city like Madrid that is always at the forefront, so it is important to choose unique, bold designs with character and personality.