Ideas for designing a perfect pool

Diseño piscina Valencia, mujer tomando el sol y refrescando sus pies en el agua.

Designing a pool that adapts perfectly to the environment of your home and the new design and image of your home can make the project stand out. Integrate it properly with the style and with its location will make you enjoy it not only on hot summer days.

Design a perfect pool

We carry a few days of intense heat impossible to bear if one is not near the sea or has the possibility of enjoying a refreshing pool. As you know our Decoration and interior design studio is specialized in luxury homes and large villas. Many of our clients, when it comes to the renovation of their house, also want us to change the exterior area of their home.

It’s in those kinds of situations where we’ve had to design outdoor pools that I’d like to talk to you about today. Because installing or renovating the pool of your home is an ideal occasion to give a distinguished and quality touch to the exterior decoration of your home.

Before installing or renovating the pool I recommend that you take into account some details that can help you a lot when deciding what type of pool best suits your needs, tastes and budget.

Diseño villa Valencia

Swimming pool design and trends

One of the trends that has caught the most strength during the last years are the design pools with the overflowing glass. In them the water gently passes the edge and generates an endless sheet that, depending on the environment, can generate a spectacular image in which the water from your pool passes from this to the beach.

If your pool is not going to be near the sea and its surroundings is rather natural, my recommendation is to design a project that integrates the glass in a harmonious way with the nature of the environment.

By choosing the right ceramic elements, using natural stones and woods as well as surrounding them with plants, your pool can transform the outside of your home into a ‘secret garden’ that you will enjoy on hot days. Wooden decks are already a classic.

If the price or maintenance that may require do not convince you can always bet on PVC materials that imitate wood and are very fashionable. There are some great quality and very well finished that can be an alternative to consider.

Diseño piscina Valencia, ideas para diseño de piscina.
Puerto playa Alicante ideas para piscina.

The latest design of pool

When you think of pools, the first idea that comes to mind is a scorching sun and a refreshing dip to fight it. But we must also take into account that we must enable a shady area near the glass. The sun is a source of energy but it must also be taken with caution. If the swimming pool does not have the shade of trees around, you can install parasols that enable a shady area by the water. Umbrellas made with natural materials -wood, reeds, etc.- or canopies candle are some of the ideas you can find in the market.

But we should also not forget that the pool can be enjoyed during the night and under the glare of the stars. That is why it is important to install lights in the pool and its surroundings to create a soft and harmonious atmosphere in which to enjoy a dip during summer nights.

A well-lit swimming pool is a spectacle from which you have to make the most of it. We know it well as you can see in some of our projects of decoration and interior design such as these images.

Diseño villa Valencia zona exterior con jardín y piscina iluminada por la noche.

Design of swimming pools: the details

Another trend that has taken on more force in recent years is the integration of the staircase into the same pool glass: if the size of your pool allows it is a perfect option not to have to install a stainless steel staircase that may break the aesthetics of the whole.

You can choose different types of pools according to your tastes and budget: polyester reinforced with fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete or mixed-steelglass or natural stone. Your choice will depend on the money you want to invest and the duration you want your pool to have: don’t forget that the most economical materials have a much lower durability.

Doing a detailed study of the available space and the final result you want to obtain you can find your ideal pool.

When looking for inspiration to design your perfect pool you should not think of it as a simple space in which to give yourself a bath but as an element of the exterior decoration of your home that you can transform and turn into a charming corner to enjoy the 365 days of the year. Take advantage of it!

Laura Yerpes | Decoration & Interior Design

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Decoración piscina Alicante acabados de lujo.
Decoración villa Alicante zona ajardinada con piedras y vegetación cerca de la piscina.