Decoration for a very special day

Decoración exterior Hogar mesa con alimentación

Ephemeral event decoration seems like a simple challenge but it is not. Especially if you cannot count on the invaluable experience and know-how of a multidisciplinary team that adapts to each situation with a lot of effort and dedication. Thank goodness that in our study of effort, dedication and professionalism we are well served…

Ephemeral decoration for a great celebration

If a good interior designer is characterized by something, it is his ability to resolve diverse situations and his adaptability to the environment and circumstances. My team – the team of professionals that makes up the Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio – is capable of all this and more. Much more. I already knew it because I know them and I know the passion and dedication they put into each project we design. But the last challenge we have taken on together has more than demonstrated it to me.

Because the ephemeral decoration of an outdoor event seems simple but it is not so simple. Especially if one – all of them in this case – likes everything to be perfect, that every detail counts and that the personalization of the event is total. As if the chosen space had been thought of and designed to house this unique and unrepeatable moment.

A multidisciplinary team

We – who are a team perfectly coordinated and organized – we have immersed ourselves together in one of the most fun, demanding and sweet adventures we could have imagined: we have exclusively designed and decorated the terrace of a restaurant to welcome a little one who has conquered our hearts.

On this occasion the place chosen was a well-known restaurant in Denia (Alicante) on the beachfront. The light, the breeze and the intense color of the Mediterranean were the perfect setting for a memorable party.

Decoración restaurante Valencia para celebración exterior cerca de la playa.
Decoración restaurante Valencia bautizo, detalles en cubiertos.

Ceremony decoration

Given that this area enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the terrace was the perfect space to organize a private and family party in which all the diners enjoyed themselves and left with good memories. An outdoor space that we decorated with fresh flowers that gently scented the atmosphere and with cheerful banners that fluttered in the sea breeze.

The distribution of the tables, their decoration, the selection of furniture, accessories and even the exclusive design of the menu image – personalized for each of the guests – has been carried out by the entire team at my studio.

An exhausting job that has shined a lot as you can see in the photographic selection that I have made for you on this occasion.

A holiday that celebrates the arrival of a new and very beloved member of the family radiates light, joy and love. A holiday that celebrates the arrival of a new and very beloved member of the family radiates light, joy and love.

The design of the invitations, the distribution of the space, the colors and the atmosphere of the space… an event of these characteristics has to combine hundreds of small details that make an outdoor ceremony completely round and perfect.

Decoración restaurante Valencia, cerca de la playa fotografía invitados en banquete.
Decoración restaurante Valencia zona exteriores con vistas al mar.

How to decorate a Candy bar successfully

The decoration of the party was a success: elegant and full of freshness, which also included a fun sweets table or Candy bar dedicated to the little ones – and not so little ones.

The design of Candy bars is one of the most fun things to do when organizing the decoration of an event like this: the opportunity to let our imagination fly and become little girls again.

On this occasion we thought it would be very fun to fill a table decorated in a fun and casual way with sweets, summer fruits and even bananas dressed as Minions.

All of us who participated in this fantastic day left with fond and very emotional memories. A fantastic day to enjoy with the family and that was achieved thanks to a team that knows a lot about effort, determination and dedication. Thank you all for an unforgettable day.

Laura Yerpes

Decoration and Interior Design Studio

Decoración exterior para bautizo, detalles y alimentación.
Decoración exterior Hogar para celebración, dulces y alimentación
Madre e hijo posando en exterior para una celebracion .