If there is a region in which art, history, gastronomy and beautiful landscapes make up a unique and unparalleled ensemble, it is, without a doubt, the Italian region of Tuscany, a picturesque paradise located in the center of the Italian peninsula.

An unforgettable trip through Tuscany

There is always a perfect excuse to visit Tuscany. An anniversary, a longer weekend than usual, a vacation before summer… Tuscany and its amazing landscapes always welcome us with open arms: if what we are looking for are picturesque towns, abundant art, dreamlike landscapes and gastronomy rooted in the land, Tuscany It is our perfect destination.

And who could be surprised? After all, Tuscany was the birthplace of great artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Dante. Masters of painting, sculpture and letters whose trace and influence can still be felt at every step in this region.

Florence, cultural and artistic capital

There is nothing better to start our trip than arriving in Florence and taking this beautiful city as a starting point. If before we talked about art and history, Florence is a world landmark.

Two days are necessary to get acquainted with this city that inspires Art in capital letters and houses a huge number of works of art from the Renaissance.

Getting lost in its bustling and lively streets, drinking a cappuccino in any hidden corner or visiting one of its many palaces and museums – the Galleria Uffizi or the Galleria dell’Accademia are my personal recommendations – are some of the many options it offers us.

Furthermore, in Florence we can visit some of the artisan workshops or antique galleries where we can find unique pieces or precious rarities that allow us to personalize the decoration of any corner of our house.

Once we said goodbye to Florence and left it behind, we entered the deepest Tuscany to end up conquered by the landscape, its people and its beautiful towns. Traveling the winding roads of this region you quickly see where its magic lies: behind every hill, every curve in the road, there is always a new surprise that will conquer us.



The most authentic Tuscany: San Gimignano and Volterra

That is the case of San Gimignano, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Italy and a mandatory stop in Tuscany. Its old town and its 14 stone towers through which almost no time has passed welcome us before entering this town, a beautiful town that continues to preserve an authentic flavor that can be breathed in every corner. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990, the cobblestone streets of its historic center are a true journey through time.


San Gimignano is a real box of chocolates full of surprises in each and every one of its labyrinthine streets. Very close to this town is Volterra, known for its beautiful handicraft items made of alabaster.

Volterra is a small town built on the top of a hill that is well worth visiting. This cobblestone city has multiple workshops and artisans specialized in working with alabaster and applying it to decorative items of all kinds designed with care and love.



Siena, a treasure to discover

Tuscany holds pleasant surprises for us and one of the most notable, without a doubt, is Siena: a beautiful walled city that has been the setting for many films. Time stops in Siena and allows us to wander aimlessly to explore the labyrinth of streets that connect the area with Piazza del Campo: a public square with a curious crowned shell shape.

Also not to be missed is the great Duomo of Siena, an architectural spectacle that has the typical Florentine design of religious buildings: marble facades with green and white stripes.

If Tuscany is also known for something, it is for its vineyards and its magnificent wines.

It is impossible to recommend a single winery but if what we are looking for is something peculiar and that will serve as inspiration for future decoration and interior design projects, Rocca di Frassinello – designed by Renzo Piano – is a mandatory stop.

This is a visit that combines the magic of the architecture of the great Italian master with a great wine to enjoy calmly.

Tuscany is a pleasure for the senses and continuous learning for those of us who like to savor life calmly.

Laura Yerpes | Decoration and Interior Design

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