Preparations, shopping… do you have everything under control except the decoration of your house? Don’t worry: today I will give you simple emergency Christmas decoration tricks so that your home looks as cozy as ever this holiday season.

This year Christmas is much more special than it already is by itself. There are very sweet changes that have been an early gift. Those same ‘early gifts’ are what have meant that, inevitably this year, I was not able to dedicate enough time to the Christmas decoration of my house. I’m sure I’m not the only one and the same thing has happened to more than one person: last minute preparations and purchases… and the Christmas decoration of your house was left for last. If that is also your case, don’t worry: this time we are going to give you some simple tips that will help you give a last-minute Christmas touch to your home.

These last-minute Christmas decoration tricks are simple but no less effective for that reason. On the contrary: in decoration and interior design many times the rule is fulfilled and ‘less is more’.

Christmas decoration tricks

We begin. These little tricks and tips for decorating your home are some simple tips that seek to adapt small decorations to the style of your home. In this way, you can give a Christmas air to a decoration that will need little else to be cozy and perfect. So here we go…

You know that – whenever I have the opportunity – I talk to you about the importance of incorporating natural plants into the decoration of your home. A simple gesture that gives a fresh and natural touch to any space. Furthermore, it is very easy to change it and adapt it to the season of the year in which we find flowers and plants that make up a bouquet of cheerful and rustic colors.


To decorate your house with a Christmas air, my advice is to use green branches (like those of traditional fir trees) and combine them with vases or pots made of clay to give it a very Christmassy country touch. It is a Christmas decoration trick that never goes out of style: the green of the traditional tree always dresses the best Christmas interior designs from all the most important decoration magazines.

In addition, getting green branches to decorate your house can be a very fun family activity that will become a regular tradition year after year. With these green branches it is easy to create flower centers like those designed by the best florists: combining different species and textures and adding pine cones or dry branches is a Christmas decoration trick that I love. It is a country and rustic touch that adorns any type of table.

If you want to give it a more personal touch, you can add some garlands to the Christmas tree, choosing the colors carefully (it is worth using one or two tones to make the center much more elegant and sober). In the absence of garlands, you can also incorporate red berries, bows or candles into your personalized centerpiece. The result is sure to be captivating.

When choosing plants for the Christmas decoration of your home, it is clear that some options always remind us much more of Christmas. That is, for example, the case of holly, a shrub that has characteristic red balls that give a very fun and casual touch of color. Combine it with candles and bows to make a floral centerpiece that decorates your Christmas table, you will surely win the hearts of your guests.


The Christmas table: last minute decoration tricks

Another simple trick for the Christmas decoration of your table is to make some napkin rings with green fir branches, cinnamon sticks and ropes. It is an aromatic and romantic napkin holder that you can personalize with the name of each of your guests with handmade cards. A small gesture that I always liked to have with those who shared our table with us on these important dates.

Plants, as you can buy, are an essential element to make the decoration of a house much more welcoming.

If we add some small Christmas lights and aromatic candles to them, we will be creating a homely, cozy and very Christmassy atmosphere.

However, the best trick for decorating your home for Christmas that I can give you is to surround yourself with those you love most and enjoy some time to meet again and enjoy their company in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I sincerely hope that you enjoy these special holidays.

Laura Yerpes | Decoration and Interior Design

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