COUNTRY HOUSE DECORATION: IDEAS AND INSPIRATION | The attentive and curious eye of an interior designer is accustomed to finding inspiration in every corner. Now, with my sensitivity on the surface, I feel that my eyes capture the most welcoming environments with a much more sensitive look at the beautiful and comfortable.

Interior design of country houses

I’m not going to deny it: this is a sweet and special moment that I see reflected in my daily work. My senses are awake and absorb everything around me. The beautiful, the harmonious, the comfortable. My inspiration is overflowing: new projects, new ideas. A frenetic and profitable rhythm that from time to time needs some rest in a beautiful rustic house.

And that’s where the story begins all over again: because in a paradise of peace and relaxation where you can escape for a few days and simply enjoy the moment, a new idea emerges again. I realize that more than one has a country house and is looking for inspiration to make it more their own, more homely and comfortable, but stylish.


That’s why today I want us to go in together and find inspiring corners to look for the interior design for a country house with colonial touches. A decoration for rustic houses that, due to its location – far from the frenetic pace of the big cities – has contact with nature as its great asset and the starting point from which to look for an idea, an inspiration that helps us find our own style.

The natural and harmonious style that I propose to decorate a country house does not have to be at odds with a sophisticated touch. That’s why today I want to bring you some examples so that you can see how we can create a new look for a country house with its own style and with all the necessary comforts to enjoy the countryside, relaxation and calmer times.

The keys to decorating a country house

What stands out the most in this type of interior design in country houses is the space –the spaciousness-, the use of natural light and the continuous structuring between exterior and interior spaces. As you can see in the images that I show you today, the best way to enhance these characteristics of country decoration is to opt for the use of light and natural colors. This type of colour palette combined with large windows allows you to create a fresh, natural and bright atmosphere that allows you to easily flow between the interior and exterior of the decoration of a country house that is in continuous contact with the ecosystem that surrounds it.


Decorating a country house: looking for inspiration

My proposal on this occasion – and that you can see in the images that accompany us – is an elegant and fresh combination between whites and blues: a binomial that is always a trend because it is very balanced and natural. This harmonious colour marriage is also reminiscent of the refreshing style of Mediterranean villas that always shine thanks to the special light of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is true that whoever owns a country house has a treasure… that you enjoy sharing with your loved ones. That is why, when we talk about inspiration and decoration of country houses, we must always have a clear reference: we are designing spaces that seek to be an oasis of rest and, at the same time, a meeting point that has to adapt to multiple and different situations. A country house is a haven of peace and a relaxed meeting point at a good table.

Rustic furniture for this type of house meets two essential requirements: it is made of good quality materials and resistant to inclement weather (not surprisingly, many of them are for exteriors and terraces). On the other hand, they are larger pieces of furniture, which adapt perfectly to the needs and style of a country house.

If we talk about decorative pieces, we must take into account objects that are a great treasure both for their design and for being unique pieces that we keep in the family generation after generation. I love having them because it is an unbeatable way to make a home a personalized and unique home where style and our own family history are mixed.

Ideas for the exterior decoration of a country house

If we go abroad and think about the decoration of a country house, we must not forget an essential element that becomes the elemental nucleus of a perfect family evening.

I’m talking about barbecue. Its easy installation next to a dining room located on the outside porch of a country house is more than enough reason to incorporate it into the interior design of our country house.

If we also add an American bar to the barbecue, the choice is ten: especially because on more than one occasion we will be treated to a massive meal with family and friends.


If we place ourselves in common interior rooms -such as the living area- where we have to feel safer and more comfortable, I like that the fireplace is an important element to keep an eye on, being in these spaces where they are most important due to the amount of time spent in them.

In my opinion, in this type of space every corner has to be very careful: it is necessary to pay special attention to the decoration and the elements that make it up, whether they are fabrics with color, ceramic lamps or decorative pieces that evoke natural and relaxed spaces like the one we are in.


On some occasions, the decoration of the country house of one of our clients has required a more intimate space with a more sophisticated touch, such as libraries or small work or reading areas. In this case, the creation of a place of these characteristics asks us for a calmer and more collected environment that differs from the spaces we talked about earlier.

For this type of room I like the proposal that I show you today: walls in dark blue tones that in turn can be combined with moldings and full of paintings, curious objects, not forgetting pieces of art, that invite us to enjoy a quiet afternoon, without ever dispensing with elegance.

Laura Yerpes – España | Interior Design Studio

Images: Pinterest