Fashion also dresses our home. As unique as it may seem, the catwalk and interior design are closely observed and inspire each other. A good example of this are the spectacular fashion shows of the recent edition of Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week 2018

That fashion and interior design feed off each other is a fact. The colors that are in fashion every season in our wardrobe -sometimes- are also a trend in the design and decoration of our home.

If you have never been aware of this feedback of inspiration between both universes, this is your article.

As an example this time I bring you the fashion shows that have been presented at the last Paris Fashion Week. This event, which takes place twice a year, is one of the must-sees in fashion to get to know the collections of the best designers for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. In addition, on this occasion, it is a very interesting exercise to check the parallels that exist in fashion trends both in the world of couture and in interior design.


Paris Fashion Week 2018: fashionable interior design

If we go by what we have seen on the catwalk in the last few days, you will see that sober is in fashion. The proposal inspired by Dior’s always effective pairing of black and white is a success if we apply it to home decoration: sober combinations of white on grey with natural and elegant fabrics are a proposal that never stops being fashionable.

But if what you want is sobriety and also a current and more modern touch, you have to take note of the latest Ulises Mérida fashion show. The clean, simple lines finished with spectacular golds and navy blues are not only trendy, but also a real jewel of good taste. This combination is also a sure hit when it comes to home decoration and interior design. If, in addition, you opt for the use of silks or velvets, the proposal gains in elegance and style.


Paris Fashion Week 2018: powdery colors

In recent years – if we talk about catwalk and home design – powdery and nude colors are a trend that has been very well received by the general public. To decorate a home with a calm, balanced and harmonious atmosphere, there is nothing better than opting for this type of chromatic palette that makes the absence of color a sophisticated and very proportionate proposal. If it’s your favourite, there’s nothing better to complement it – from my professional experience as an interior designer – than to opt for textures and details in white.

On the other hand, the nude proposal has a more nostalgic variant with natural powdery tones of makeup color. A chromatic range that takes us into vintage or art deco universes that is supported by unique, antique and restored pieces inspired by distant times. My advice, in this case, is to combine them with grayish blues to achieve an unforgettable effect.


Paris Fashion Week 2018: your fashionable home

If there’s one thing both fashion and the world of decoration have in common, it’s that in the absence of color, details and shapes are good. The pure lines of Max Mara’s most refined designs, for example, give prominence to the small details of form and style. The same happens in decoration and interior design proposals that are more purist and simple, but no less refined. Quite the contrary: this type of shape is based on details that make a difference such as silks, cottons or lacquers.

As a fashion show and last proposal I would like to show you the exotic and colorful fashion show of the Maison Rabih Kayrouz and the correlation it has between the trends in home decoration. The combination of bottle green and gold elements – which was a trend a few years ago – is still going strong. It is a mix that captivates with its elegance, character and uniqueness that conquers on and off the catwalk.

Laura Yerpes | Decoration and Interior Design

Images: Paris Fashion Week 2018 and Pinterest