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Laura Yerpes’ interior design studio opened its doors in 2005 in Valencia, always with the premise of designing exclusive and unique spaces. Laura Yerpes leads this studio, with the mission of creating homes tailored to the personality of each client. With a constant, perfectionist and orderly character, the interior designer has a special sensitivity to create decorative projects that capture the style and essence of each person.

Their works combine an architectural vision of project development, an attentive and inspiring look, solid experience and their ability to ensure that the latest trends coexist with more classic and timeless designs. Their projects are defined by a warm, modern and elegant character that is revealed in the finishes, in the selection of pieces and in the combination of materials.

The projects of the Laura Yerpes interior design studio extend along the Mediterranean coast and other parts of Spain such as Madrid. From apartments to single-family homes, luxury villas, offices, hotels, clinics and commercial premises, all carry the unmistakable seal of Laura Yerpes who combines tradition and modernity in her interior design.

Architecture and interior design services

Designing a house from the ground up is a great opportunity. Being able to participate in the entire creative process from the beginning allows you to adapt every corner of a home and make it tailor-made. The beginning of a construction project is a moment in which a large number of doubts and uncertainties are encompassed that, when well resolved, allow the space to be shaped and save time and money in the future.

Everything is much simpler for clients who place their trust in us: from the beginning we guarantee the optimization of space, time and money thanks to the fact that we control and execute, step by step, the entire construction process.

If you want to build the house of your dreams, at Estudio LY we have the perfect solution: we design, develop, build and decorate the project with professionalism and efficiency. Our designs have perfect and exclusive finishes that make the difference.

At Estudio LY we work in all the creative and constructive phases of creating a home thanks to our designers, technical architects and architects: a team of professionals committed to the excellence, elegance and exclusivity typical of our brand.


Elegant residences

We are used to designing elegant spaces for the enjoyment of our clients, combining high levels of comfort with maximum style and elegance.

The experience of more than 15 years working in the design of exclusive and luxury interiors guarantees that we can offer you, with complete security, the creation of an elegant and functional project in which no detail is left to chance.

We work in destinations such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Marbella or Alicante in the construction of high-end homes in which high-quality interior designs are carefully designed with sensational results that make you fall in love from the first moment.

Mediterranean Villa Moraira

Facing the sea, in the Cap Blanc area of ​​Moraira, stands a luxury Villa with magnificent interior design that we have designed in detail. Materials such as polished white marble -used in the flooring- fill the entire home with reflections and light, which has large spaces decorated with its own Mediterranean style that gives the whole home a cozy character. The interior design of this spectacular villa is sober and fresh. It is made up of a symphony full of chromatic notes, native and natural materials, polished stones, cottons and silks combined with the luminous colors of the Mediterranean.

Different spaces to enjoy a monumental residence where you can enjoy and rest in every corner thanks to the strategically placed details and the combination of styles. All of this creates an environment with a personal touch that gives life to this luxury villa that has the necessary warmth.

Villa Costa Blanca (Benicasim)

Located following the slope of the mountain, the views of this villa invited us to integrate the spaces with the landscape and we achieved this thanks to the use of natural materials and shapes that generated a feeling of freedom even inside the home. With a creative interior design, we managed to open the rooms to the outside and take advantage of the light provided by the long days of the Mediterranean coast. Inside, the design of large spaces is intertwined with the continuity between rooms and large windows that turn the landscape into part of the decoration of the home. Natural materials such as stone and wood give the environment just the right touch of warmth that a home needs so that its owners look forward to coming home.

Public and commercial spaces

Because we know how important your image is for your business, we are specialized in carrying out projects that seek to strengthen the image of your brand through the decoration and interior design of your company.

An exhaustive study of the professional needs of your business, as well as your aesthetic tastes, will allow us to find a balanced image in line with the relevance that your company needs to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Aesthetics and plastic surgery clinic

Clinic carried out in an open space, where we start from a square floor plan creating a concentric square for the private area. The rest of the rooms surround the space, making circulation in both directions possible.

The distribution is created taking advantage of the rooms to make the most of the different doctors’ offices and examination rooms.

The materials are part of our design, giving maximum importance to textures and different tones, thus achieving more richness in the passageways and in each of the areas. And achieving great harmony in the final design.

For the reception area we used veined zebrawood to contrast with the marble, veined in tones that match the flooring. This mixture of cold and warm tones is a daring bet where the result surprises in its first visual impact.

Laura Yerpes

Mendel University Residence Hall

First phase of an important comprehensive reform and adaptation of common spaces of a university college. Minimalist style with oriental touches that integrates perfectly with an environment of study and concentration.

Stylized and balanced spaces made of wood materials, smoked glass panels and panels covered in decorative papers in stone tones. Walls decorated with a system of joined wood, high-quality upholstery combined with cold and warm tones and studied lighting.

Valencia dining room design
Laura Yerpes

Modern apartments and homes

When designing modern homes, we put the latest trends in decoration and cutting-edge technologies in home automation and interior design at the service of our clients to offer designs tailored to any space: we integrate the furniture, adjusting it to your home with functional, luxurious materials. and with perfect finishes.

We carry out quality interior design projects that combine comfort, style and elegance. We carefully plan the entire process to design homes in which creativity and design will make you feel at home from the first moment.

We have ten years of experience executing global projects (architectural and interior design projects), ranging from modern apartments and homes to projects with great technical and creative needs such as luxury villas or Mediterranean villas.

Valencia dining room design
Laura Yerpes

A home in front of the Turia gardens

Exclusive home located next to the most important green lung of the city of Valencia. The environment, the large spaces and the natural light inspire the interior design of this renovation, which is based on a neutral color palette. With these tones, as well as the use of pure and well-executed lines, the balance and harmony of the spaces is maintained.

This decoration project takes as its starting point a current and modern architecture that lightens the furniture and creates a harmonious atmosphere supported by quality panels, doors designed in detail with original handles and a decoration that emanates a contained, balanced and without stridency luxury. Interior and exterior come together in an elegant and proportionate way in this custom-made design adapted to an environment that, without a doubt, enhances it.


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