Three inspiring ideas for outdoor decoration

By Laura Yerpes, decoration and interior design studio

Valencia, Alicante & Madrid

Terraces and gardens are essential spaces in a home. Connecting with nature and the outdoor space, the breeze, the sun and the sound of the environment are elements of harmony that bring us calm and connect us with the reality of the here and now, in short are the perfect spaces to disconnect.

In our projects of decoration for exteriors (balconies, terraces and gardens) we observe the environment and its possibilities to integrate the composition in the harmony of the landscape. We choose functional elements, resistant materials for exteriors and comfortable furniture adapted to your daily use. We create spaces integrated with materials capable of resisting the inclemencies of the time and adapted to the needs of the client.

If you are a lover of design and decoration you will like the ideas we propose from LY Estudio to give new life to the gardens and terraces of your home.

Mobiliario para decoración de exteriores

Furniture made of natural materials

We choose outdoor furniture made with natural materials to provide harmony with the environment. Outdoor furniture should be comfortable and versatile, made of materials capable of resisting time and space without losing its original characteristics.

From L.Y. Studio select the furniture of the Spanish firm Skyline Design® that presents great novelties in its latest collections, characterized by the careful manufacture with materials such as synthetic fiber, solid aluminum or the impressive fabrics of Sunbrella. A proposal designed to reflect calm, which breaks with the nature of monotony. It is a product line of simple concept, but very complete, with a lot of details that bring a Mediterranean character to the collection. The play between the wood, the cushions and the braiding of the backrest are elements that intertwine with each other as you mix water, foam and sand from the beach.

In this collection the designers propose us a combination of black aluminium, dark grey straps and teak wood armrests result in a versatile collection perfect for both urban and relaxed spaces.

Diseño terraza Alicante sofás exteriores

Furniture for rest and comfort

Hammocks, rest and harmony spaces

Places of rest, disconnection and solitude to read, meditate or sleep… It is just a proposal that will give a special touch to any forgotten corner of your garden. From L.Y. Studio we propose to play with those forgotten corners where we can place some very special hammocks.

To create these spaces we recommend the family hammocks with series support ‘Wood & Dream’ and  Wood and black edition of Tropilexavailable on the website which include a stand in natural wood. They are in all sizes, shapes and colors with different models of supports.

Tuscan decoration, for our villas

Tuscan decoration, for our villas

In L.Y. Estudio We adore the Mediterranean villas, where light is the protagonist of the best moments. If we speak of architecture, the semicircular arches of Tuscan style, are ideal for exteriors. The harmony of these forms will create a dream place for rest and stillness. Combining with rustic furniture and essential decorative elements such as Mediterranean flowers and plants will achieve the comfort space we seek for our exteriors.

Mediterranean villas in L.Y. Studio

In the latter project LY. Estudio we show you the exterior of a country house with pool, family paradise with an accentuated American style structure framed on a large plot with a magnificent outdoor garden. Geometric lines and light colors outline a calm residential environment that shines every day of the year. Contemporary and quiet decoration in every corner where wood, handmade ceramics, natural papers and floral decoration are combined to compose a country and rural symphony that allows you to enjoy the most absolute relaxation.

Decoración exterior Valencia zona descanso con mobiliario de mimbre.
Decoración exterior Valencia zona terraza.

Outdoor light for warmer nights

L.Y. Project Studio: Villa in Moraira

When we speak of light, we do it in all its vastness. Sunny days should bathe our home with joy, whenever we seek that light. At night, the lighting will accompany us in the most important areas of our garden, giving life and quality to the inhabited spaces.

We show you the lighting achieved in this other project of architecture, decoration and interior design by LY. Estudio made in the Villa Mediterranea de Moraira.

Diseño villa Valencia

Facing the sea, in the area of Cap Blanc de Moraira, rises a luxury villa with a magnificent interior design that we have designed to detail. Materials such as polished white marble -used in the pavement- fill the whole house with reflections and light that has large spaces decorated with a Mediterranean style that gives the set a welcoming character. The interior design of this spectacular villa is sober and fresh. It consists of a symphony full of chromatic notes, native and natural materials, polished stones, cotton and silks combined with the bright colors of the Mediterranean.

Different spaces to enjoy a monumental residence in which you can enjoy and rest in every corner thanks to the strategically placed details and the combination of styles. All this creates an atmosphere with a personal stamp that gives life to this luxury villa that has the necessary warmth point.

If you want to see more proposals for decorating gardens and exteriors, we suggest you visit the projects carried out by L.Y. Study for our customers.

all you can imagine we can make it possible in our architecture and interior design studio. We work in Valencia, Alicante and Madrid although we can move anywhere in Spain to make your home the home of your dreams. nothing is impossible.

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