Phases of an interior design project with L.Y.

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How do we develop our interior design projects?

If you are thinking of hiring an interior design studio to shape your home or commercial space, you will be interested in knowing how the process develops from the first contact to the complete development of the project.

Far from what it may seem, an interior design project is an extremely complex and laborious task that requires qualified personnel, time and effort. To develop it, you must have knowledge of technical architecture since for its execution plans, elevations and architectural renders are made with the latest 3D technology.

In addition, extensive knowledge of the terrain is needed. We must not only capture the client’s tastes, needs and desires but also capture the strengths and weaknesses of the land, from the available space and its possible distributions, to the light inputs and its orientation towards the sun.

To prepare the project, we must know each of the suppliers for each material that will be used in the architectural work and in the interior design, while we take into account how they can harmonize with the details that we will include in the final decoration.

At LY Estudio we want to show you in detail this process and its phases so that you know more about our work.

Phases of an interior design project with LY Estudio.

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First phase.

We know the client and take note of their tastes and needs.


Our clients and their needs are the central axis of this first phase of the process: Laura Yerpes meets personally with the client to develop, together with them, the main idea of the project. The objective is to exhaustively analyze and study your tastes and needs to propose a project that guarantees your total satisfaction with the final result. This first meeting will allow us to lay the firm foundations for a successful project.

What is the first visit with LY Estudio like?

  • We know the client, their tastes and needs
  • We personally visit the space and take all necessary measures
  • We take detailed note of needs, requirements and challenges to be resolved
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Second stage.

We outline the bases of the project and create the concept.

When we are clear about our tastes, needs and objectives, we begin to shape the concept. We design and draw the project combining styles, needs and trends. Ideas begin to take shape on plans, including proposals and sketches so that the client can visualize the proposal.

This first proposal is conceptual and is presented as a sketch that defines the general characteristics of the space to be designed. We talk about the possible redistribution of space, colors, textures, styles, etc. and show examples with references of similar projects.

In this concept, what we want to convey with the final design is already present, as well as other essential elements that our final project must include.

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Third phase.

We develop your style to the millimeter with plans, elevations, 3D architecture

Once the proposed concept is approved, we begin to prepare the technical drawings of the space, on plans we will make the millimetric and detailed architecture to precisely define each element of architecture and decoration. We will show some details with elevations.

On the other hand, we will select each of the materials and suppliers for our project, this includes wall covering manufacturers, textiles for our sofas, and applique distributors. Each of the details that will make up the final design.

When a project is large in scope, we can commission an architectural rendering project or architectural rendering for the client. These are photorealistic images and animations in 2D and 3D through which the project can be seen in a hyperrealistic way and even with movement.

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Fourth phase.

We execute a unique and exclusive interior design project for the client.

We have our own team of professionals that we completely trust and who work with us on all of our projects. They will be in constant communication with our studio to execute the work as agreed, without overlooking any details.

We personally go to the site to supervise the work process and check that everything is developing correctly. We will verify that the entire process is done exactly as we want and as the client indicated.

Trust and professionalism are the fundamental basis for carrying out a job successfully. When we take charge of construction management, our commitment is to ensure that the project is being developed according to the deadlines, design and budgets set.

For this reason, we supervise, step by step, all stages of the process to ensure that the project meets all the requirements that were set for us from the first moment. The high quality of the final results characterizes each and every one of our jobs.

Excellence in the details and finishes of our interior design projects make the difference.

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Interior design projects

Getting the project of your dreams has never been so close.

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