Decoration of hotels and restaurants at Christmas

Christmas is a special time of the year where small decorative details transform our homes into cozy refuges full of warmth. In our studio, we love working on Christmas projects and giving soul and harmony to the spaces to be decorated. Choose elegant and warm textures and colors where silver, gold and scarlet tones transform an entrance, a living room or a dining room into pure Christmas essence.



A very tempting invitation

The decorated entrance of a hotel or restaurant during Christmas is an unforgettable first impression for guests or diners. The entire Laura Yerpes Studio team is aware that these decoration projects are a powerful marketing tool, but also a warm hug to those who visit us and a reminder of how magical Christmas is when we have the spirit of sharing and traveling.

We work on Christmas projects to provide the entrance and window of hotels and restaurants during Christmas with a festive, welcoming and memorable atmosphere that positively impacts the experience of visitors and clients, generating an environment conducive to celebrating, enjoying and sharing moments. special during this time of year.

Recepción hotel decoración navideña
Entrada Cartier decoración exterior con motivos navideños

Christmas in warm tones versus Christmas in cold tones

One of the most magical moments for the team is choosing the colors; We work with gold, silver, deep red, amber, moss green or even soft shades of orange or terracotta. They are colors designed to create a comforting and homely atmosphere. The warm range transmits warmth, intimacy and familiarity, intense sensations that are reinforced during the Christmas season.

Christmas decoration in cold tones offers an elegant, serene and sophisticated atmosphere during the festive season. Colors such as ice blue, silver, white and snow acquire a Christmas harmony when mixed with warmer tones such as mint green, moss or soft shades of purple.

Decoración exterior tonos azules entrada restaurante
Decoración exteriores Ralph Lauren negocios.
Decoración con tonos azules entrada tienda dior. decoración exteriores.


Welcome to the magic of Christmas

The reception area decorated during the Christmas season plays a fundamental role in creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere in various spaces, such as offices, hotels or shopping centers. This welcome area is the first impression that visitors, clients or guests receive when entering, and we work to make it a key point that transmits warmth, joy and Christmas spirit.


Interiorismo hotel recepción. decoradora.
Hall recepción hotel. adornos navideños interiorismo.
Decoración centro comercial con  motivos navideños

Christmas tables

The protagonists of the meeting

Table decoration at Christmas not only beautifies the space, but creates a charming setting that invites celebration and togetherness. Carefully arranged details, from the centerpieces to the decorated tableware, not only add elegance, but are the perfect backdrop for the endearing conversations and memorable moments shared around it. This decoration becomes the setting that enhances the magic of Christmas dinner, reinforcing the importance of being together and celebrating the joy of the season.

Decoración y detalles para mesa navideña.
Decoración mesa navideña en hotel y restaurantes.
Decoración interior con regalos para recepción hotel.


Life is small moments

Small details are seemingly simple gestures (hanging an ornament on the tree, placing a scented candle or carefully wrapping a gift), that create magic in this special season. Although they may seem insignificant, these details have a unique power to convey affection, joy and warmth. They are like pieces of a puzzle that, together, recreate the complete image of Christmas, inviting us to appreciate the beauty in the simple, to value shared moments and to cultivate generosity and love towards others. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, it is these small details that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas: the importance of being present, caring, and sharing with those we value most.

Decoraciones de regalos navidad
Regalos de navidad, lazo y piña. decoración
Decoración regalo navidad papel y lazo negro

The creation of harmonious and balanced Christmas spaces needs to be carried out under a global vision of style and a detailed study of what the space offers to develop the architecture prior to the interior design of the place.

If you want to know more about our working method, do not hesitate to contact the studio..

*The selection of photographs for this article has been made by Laura Yerpes through Pinterest where you can find the original authors.

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