Mediterranean architecture and interior design

The Mediterranean style in interior design is inspired by the coastal regions of southern Europe, such as Spain, Italy and Greece. It is characterized by a relaxed and warm atmosphere that reflects life by the sea. The Mediterranean style in interior design is known for its timelessness. The natural elements, soft color palette and sense of lightness and freshness have an enduring appeal that transcends fads.



This island is characterized by its stunning landscapes, whitewashed villages and blue-roofed houses, which has contributed to a distinctive style of typically Mediterranean design in its architecture and interiors. Interior design in Santorini often follows a minimalist approach with clean lines and simple furniture to make the most of natural light and limited space. Local materials such as stone and wood are used for construction and interior decoration, adding authenticity and connecting the design with the island’s history. Given the spectacular views of the sea and landscapes, great importance is given to outdoor areas, creating cozy spaces to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Decoración patio de luces, blancos y azules interiorismo mediterráneo
Grecia, calles arquitectura e exteriores del mediterráneo.
Arquitectura e interiorismo mediterráneo calles de Ibiza



Ibiza is characterized by its impressive coastal landscapes, crystal-clear waters and a relaxed lifestyle, which has influenced its architectural style and interior design. The use of blue, inspired by the sea and the sky, is combined with other natural colors such as terracotta, green and earth tones for its color palette. The architecture and interior design adapt to the Mediterranean climate, prioritizing natural ventilation, protection against the intense sun and the creation of fresh and bright spaces.

The exterior architecture is distinguished by its whitewashed houses in white tones to reflect the sun, red tile roofs, use of natural materials such as stone and wood, large windows and ornate balconies, characteristic arches, decorative details on facades, and a unique design. adapted to the climate that maximizes ventilation and solar protection, creating an aesthetic and functional style rooted in the cultural identity and conditions of the Mediterranean environment.


The Mediterranean style in interior design is characterized by vibrant natural tones such as sea blue and whitewashed white, use of materials such as wood and stone, soft and natural textures, furniture with simple and comfortable lines, handcrafted decorative elements such as ceramics and tiles, lighting natural to maximize luminosity and a fluid connection between interiors and exteriors through terraces and patios decorated with furniture and plants that reflect the relaxed and warm essence of Mediterranean coastal life.

Interiorismo mediterráneo  casa en Ibiza. cocina.
Cocina abierta acabados en marmol blanco y madera. Interiorismo vivienda


The Mediterranean terrace

With terracotta or natural stone floors, wicker or wrought iron furniture with padded cushions, surrounded by aromatic plants such as lavender or bougainvillea, and decorated with typical details such as handmade ceramic pots, hanging lanterns and textiles with geometric patterns, the terrace becomes in an enveloping and fresh space that invites you to enjoy the sea breeze and the tranquility of the Mediterranean environment.

Mediterranean interior design allows a touch of sophistication by using specific decorative elements in gray and black tones as long as they are made with natural elements such as wicker or noble woods.

Casa en Ibiza, exteriores terraza decoración jardín
Terraza estilo mediterráneo tonos blancos y negros.
Terraza estilo mediterráneo, decoración exterior

The Mediterranean living room

A Mediterranean-style living room radiates light and serenity with its simple and functional design. White walls highlight the natural light that flows through large windows, while natural wood or wrought iron furniture is combined with upholstery in neutral or soft blue tones, providing comfort and freshness. Decorative details include handcrafted elements such as terracotta vases, ornamental ceramics and linen or cotton fabrics with geometric motifs, providing warmth and authenticity. The feeling of spaciousness and relaxation is completed with the integration of natural elements such as green plants and the possibility of access to a terrace or balcony that amplifies the connection with the outdoor life typical of the Mediterranean.

Vivienda estilo rustico decoración interior Casa.
Salón estilo mediterráneo, tonos cálidos y muy iluminado
Salón estilo mediterráneo, vivienda luminosa madera.

Mediterranean cuisine

Dark wood furniture, such as cabinets and shelves, provide an interesting visual contrast against white or light-toned walls, enhancing the feeling of warmth and depth in the space. Decorative tile or ceramic details on kitchen coverings add texture and color, while evoking Mediterranean craftsmanship. Natural stone countertops, such as marble or granite, are combined with modern appliances and pendant lighting elements that create a cozy and functional atmosphere, reflecting the perfect fusion between traditional and contemporary characteristic of the Mediterranean style.

Cocina con isla, interiorismo acabados blancos negros y madera.
Cocina estilo mediterráneo, tonos oscuros con blancos, interiorismo.
cocina estilo mediterráneo, tonos grises y negros con madera oscura.

The Mediterranean bedroom

A Mediterranean interior design bedroom becomes a serene and bright refuge, with a palette of soft and relaxing colors such as white, sky blue or beige. Light wood or wicker furniture provides a warm, natural feel, while linen or cotton fabrics in neutral tones add texture and comfort. Decorative details such as rustic-style lamps, handmade ceramics and natural elements such as seashells or green plants are integrated to create a fresh and authentic atmosphere. Natural light is maximized through light curtains or the absence of them, inviting relaxation and rest, thus highlighting the connection between the interior space and the tranquil essence of the Mediterranean.

Dormitorio estilo mediterráneo tonos blancos y azules, interiorismo.
Dormitorio estilo Mediterráneo, colores blancos y cama madera. Interiorismo
Dormitorio estilo Mediterráneo, interiorismo vivienda.

The Mediterranean bathroom

A Mediterranean-style bathroom is defined by its simple, relaxed elegance inspired by the coastal environment. Ceramic tiles in soft tones such as white, blue or green, often with geometric or nature-inspired motifs, cover the walls and floors, providing a fresh and bright atmosphere. Wooden or wrought iron bathroom furniture, combined with ceramic or marble sinks, add a rustic and authentic touch. Natural lighting is maximized with large windows or skylights, while decorative elements such as mirrors with carved wooden frames, soft-colored towels, and bathroom accessories in natural tones complete the environment.

Baño estilo Mediterráneo, colores blanco negro, mármol y madera oscura
Interiorismo Baño estilo mediterráneo, acabados en pino y mármol
Baño estilo mediterráneo con dos senos. Interiorismo en vivienda.

Our MEDITERRANEAN interior design projects

Villa Denia

Villa Denia by Laura Yerpes Estudio condenses the Mediterranean essence in its architecture and interior design. Its architecture with simple lines integrates the interior with the exterior through large windows that take advantage of natural light and establish a fluid connection with the coastal environment. In its interior design, soft and relaxing tones such as white and ocher with touches of color were used, accompanied by natural materials such as wood, stone and wicker, thus creating a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. The space is designed prioritizing comfort, functionality and convivial areas, such as the kitchen and living room open to the outside that inspire the characteristic Mediterranean lifestyle.

Vivienda en Dénia villa domótica estilo mediterráneo Cocina
Detalle escalera villa Denia, zona verde dentro de salón Laura Yerpes interiorismo y decoración mansión domótica de estilo Mediterráneo.

The creation of harmonious and balanced spaces needs to be carried out under a global vision of style and a detailed study of what the space offers to develop the architecture prior to the interior design of the place.

If you want to know more about our working method, do not hesitate to contact the studio..

*The selection of photographs for this article has been made by Laura Yerpes through Pinterest where you can find the original authors.

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