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Standing as a temple dedicated to the art of fine dining, The Jane is an unforgettable culinary experience thanks to its location: a former military hospital chapel in a revitalized area of Antwerp.

A designer restaurant inside a church

If there is a temple of good eating, it is in Antwerp and it is called The Jane. I don’t say this because the menu is exquisite or because its chefs have a prestige recognized in specialized forums, but because The Jane – a design restaurant in capital letters – is located, literally, inside an old chapel.

For the precursors of this space with impressive interior design, food is a religion and there is no better place than this to worship it.

With the signature of designer Piet Boon, the space has been able to adapt perfectly to this peculiar place and stands as a pagan altar dedicated to culinary culture and the most modern restaurant interior design. The open kitchen – one of The Jane’s main dishes – is located at the altar, within a glass space, so that all tables can enjoy one of the most outstanding shows that take place there every day.

Interior Design Details of The Jane Restaurant

If we stop to observe in detail the decoration of The Jane restaurant, there is an element that highlights the grandeur of this space: a magnificent large central lamp that hangs from the vault.

With an imposing presence, this modern designer lamp illuminates the space with its more than 100 lights. A very successful choice because it not only underlines the majesty of the restaurant’s design, but – at the same time – generates a more intimate atmosphere that can be enjoyed by each of the diners who come to enjoy an unforgettable experience at The Jane.

Current design and old elements for a new interior design

The current point of interior design of this unusual place finds the perfect counterpoint with the pieces – typical of this space – that have aged well and that have been adapted to new uses: old benches that are combined with natural stone, leather or oak wood, the brick of the walls as well as the layers of cement… the entire space is in perfect communion in order to change the destiny of a place dedicated to the art of good eating.

The Jane worships gastronomy and good restaurant design that was created to readapt spaces and incorporate them into new uses in a very attractive way. Chef Sergio Herman, as well as cook Nick Brill and interior designer Boon, have found the perfect recipe to adapt the pleasure of good gastronomy to new, more modern and transgressive environments. Amen.

Laura Yerpes – España | Interior Design Studio

Images: The Jane y Studio Piet Boon

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