Christmas Table Decoration

Christmas decorations are an excellent opportunity to play with the interior design of our home. Whether it’s choosing our Christmas tree or decorating the garden, Christmas decoration allows us to give a festive, original and cozy touch to any corner of our home.

Stylish Christmas Decorations: Sources of Inspiration

If there’s one thing I love about this holiday season, it’s the Christmas decorations that give my home a unique touch every year. Choose the colors that will give it a warm and cozy atmosphere, install the Christmas lights that fill everything with magic… Decorating the house at Christmas is a real child’s play that always becomes one of the most fun moments to share with the family.

But even if it’s something fun and light-hearted, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that if we want a Christmas decoration for our home, we shouldn’t get carried away senselessly. That’s why I always recommend designing our own interior design project, having a clear idea of the atmosphere we want to give to the Christmas decoration of our home and the leitmotif – chromatic or thematic – on which our new interior design will revolve.

Christmas decorations in public places

A good way to look for inspiration is to look at the decorations in the shops and restaurants that we can find in our cities. Since we opened the doors of our interior design studio Madrid, I have not missed the opportunity to wander through the shops and restaurants of the centre.

At this time of year, it is a real joy to observe the work carried out by our fellow interior designers in Madrid: their Christmas designs exude originality, luxury and glamour and are a source of inspiration for decorators and decoration lovers.

Trends for trendy Christmas decorations

As I have already told you on previous occasions, the trend that is gaining more strength lately is the eco-friendly style based on sustainable decoration and architectures that are friendly to the environment. If you want to give a sustainable and eco-friendly touch to your home, there is nothing better than using plants and shrubs from your environment to decorate centerpieces and small corners of your home.

Introducing natural elements such as woods and spices – cinnamon, rosemary, etc. – are a good choice to create a very welcoming atmosphere that will welcome our guests with open arms. If you add small golden details to this natural touch in the Christmas decoration of the table, you will add an elegant touch to the whole outfit.

This year, in addition, the Christmas decorative trend creates a chic minimal style in which geometric decorative elements are combined that will give a modern and casual look to your decoration.

Reds, greens and golds are the Christmas chromatic range par excellence but we already know that some rules are to be broken and we can always choose other colors to give a Christmas and festive touch to our home. Of course, you don’t have to choose a maximum of three colors to combine with each other.

It’s the little details that will really help you create a cozy and comfortable space that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant family holiday.

Happy Holidays!!

Laura Yerpes | Decoration & Interior Design

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Christmas Decorated Living Room

Christmas decoration

Christmas Decorated Living Room

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