Interview with Laura Yerpes: Work methodology in an interior design project.

We spoke with Laura Yerpes, in a meeting where she details her work system in interior design projects.

What is the first contact with the client like?

Our first contact is to get to know each other and see how we can help you. It is essential that there is communication and connection between the people we are going to work with. For us it is essential to know the needs and discover that we will be able to do a job based on what they ask of us. In this first appointment, we will discover your tastes, ideas and we will let you know what the help of a professional will be like, so that your dream can be created. Establishing a relationship of trust with the client is essential for Laura Yerpes’ studio.

Laura Yerpes sentada en sofá, en proyecto de clínica médica.
Laura Yerpes, en su último proyecto de interiorismo comercial, la clínica de medicina estética Sensabell.

In Studio L.Y. Do you follow any criteria to accept or deny a new project?

Our criterion is that the client feels the same enthusiasm for working with us as we do when we start a new project.

What do you look for when looking for that connection?

Mainly that they are willing, trust us and understand the value of having a person who will accompany them throughout the entire process since, in our interior design studio, we are going to use all our means to help them.

What stages would you differentiate in an interior design project?

First of all, the contact that I mentioned previously. Once the client has agreed to work with us, a process of inspiration and implementation of ideas begins, where we listen to the client and build an initial project proposal. In our studio we consider it fundamentally important to connect and let ourselves be carried away by creativity, with meetings and experiences that we are going to share.

The second phase will be after several meetings with the client and will happen when he is comfortable to begin the development of the complete project. At this moment the execution will begin, which will be a new process where the client will finally be able to see the result of our work.

How do you plan meetings with clients?

First we visit the home or premises to see the space in person. In it, we take photographs and measurements to study in greater depth the opportunities that the place presents.

Subsequently, we have several meetings in which we discuss with the client the possible existing scenarios for the proposal. They have to be participants in the process, so that they also choose what type of distribution or finish they want, not only agreeing with us, but doing it as if they had been the creators of the entire design.

Throughout the duration of the project we are providing support so that the details are carefully carried out.

What do you highlight about your interior design studio as professionals?

We have a close and cordial treatment so that work is enjoyable and we feel like family. But in addition to this, in L.Y. We are very methodical, in fact we have a very precise work protocol that we rigorously comply with in all the projects we carry out. This consists of completing what is stipulated step by step so that in the end the result is always the same.

This thought can be seen extrapolated to the decision of materials, as well as the level of quality or details. It is necessary to follow a roadmap, so as not to skip any steps, since as professionals, we must offer the best result and resolve all unforeseen events. In interior design, every action has its consequences and, from our studio, we try to ensure that all those decisions that we are going to implement are the correct ones.

This type of process is not easy to adapt, in our case, our years of work have been necessary to shape and profile it and thus we have achieved what defines us.

What do you look for when visiting a home for the first time?

In addition to the visual part, as an interior design team we study the technical part of the building well. We like to know the space where the home is located, because an apartment on the beach is not the same as a house in the city. There are many characteristics that must be taken care of and valued, such as customs, climate and environment. All this can interfere with the aspects to take into account. Therefore, seeing where the home is located also defines a little the style that will define the design.

And about the clients?

Thanks to the meetings, different issues arise – some technical and others more at the level of sensations – that allow us to continue getting to know the client better. When we define a design we give a lot of importance to the client’s emotions and personality.

What aspects do you consider fundamental when studying a space for a project?

As an interior designer and construction technician, I consider it essential to carefully consider the space to be treated. It must be studied well to know what we are facing and to be able to save time and costs.
I recommend that if it is going to be a reform, a comprehensive rehabilitation be carried out to prevent possible future risks regarding the work. For example, in old homes, the thickness of the partition with which it was previously manufactured does not correspond to current quality standards and these things must be taken into account and improved. Just like a room facing the street, it should be soundproofed to improve the client’s quality of use and prevent outside sounds from entering.

Do you have an established portfolio of collaborators or suppliers?

Of course, but if the project requires a different type of material, we perform a new search.

Our studio is constantly changing and expanding, according to trends and new times. We like to visit fairs in London, Paris, Milan or Madrid where we select trending materials.

How do you design a budget according to the work done?

Regarding budgets, we try to break down our budget by sections so that the client can see what each section of their money is dedicated to and can decide if they want to invest more or less in each part. At the same time, we as a company are asking our suppliers for quotes.

Each renovation has a different budget because what is requested for one home is not the same as for another. There are products that are in stock and others must be manufactured from scratch, therefore our professionals also have to study and meet with the studio to give us a budget according to what we are asking.

Are the dates established in interior design projects usually met?

I always consider it essential to set times and for the client to be aware from the first moment of the estimated date on which their renovation will be completed.

When starting a project, do you give priority to those that are most urgent?

Of course, always within our possibilities. It is something that we have experienced on different occasions and we are aware that sometimes we have to juggle and put in extra energy to arrive on time.

Do interior designers have an architectural vision that allows them to visualize in a first contact with the space how they are going to end up designing it?

If it is very common, visualize the style and architecture that defines it and how it will be carried out, although it is necessary to leave time for reflection once it is studied with all the characteristics that define it.

Finally, what advice would you give to a potential client who is thinking about going to an interior design studio to design their next renovation?

First of all, include the interior design part in your investment as a priority because the help we are going to offer is going to be crucial for an optimal result.

Once you have the interior design studio selected, we recommend that you trust the professionals, letting yourself go, since, if there is a good team behind it, it will serve as a guide to make the best decisions and thus obtain the best project, ensuring that your dream comes true. make it come true.

L.Y studio works primarily in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Mallorca and Ibiza

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